Oleg Tytarenko 02 Jan 2023
5 tips for creating a successful Twitch channel

If you want to stream your video games to millions of people, Twitch is the best live streaming platform for gamers...

It used to be a platform focused on video games, but now it has greatly expanded, becoming a place for live streaming content creators of all genres. It’s also home to thousands of communities that bring together streamers from around the world and help them communicate with audiences. Think about these numbers - in the last year alone, viewers have sent over 49 billion messages and spent 21 billion hours on the platform!

So, you’re ready to build a Twitch channel, but don’t know where to start?

We have already discussed in other articles the technical side of this issue, now consider the basic aspects...

1)      First you need to decide what you want to share with the people. To decide, we advise you to observe different top streamers. This will help you understand what made them succeed. Are you good at a specific game or have an attractive character? Find a reason for the audience to watch your broadcast and most importantly, subscribe to your channel!

2)      Don’t forget the importance of your chosen topic. Because now Twitch uses a tagging system for categorization. So get creative and come up with tags that engage the most number of viewers. You need to mark your content correctly if you want to emphasize its uniqueness. And also increase its visibility.

3)      Pay attention to the choice of the popular title. So you can raise your popularity from the offset. Choose proven bets such as Valorant, GTA V, League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite. But best of all, choose a favorite game in which you are a pro. Viewers will appreciate your sincerity and experience. Most importantly, avoid games forbids on Twitch!

4)      Note that Twitch now has a lot of non-gaming content. For example, «Just Chatting». In 2022 this category is recognized as the most viewed on Twitch! Here to attract viewers fit the same techniques as the gaming content. Give users your individuality, and show your communication skills. The main thing is that the audience is interested in watching you.

5)      One way to build a strong community of followers is to chat. Constantly interact with your subscribers, making sure to highlight the most dedicated. Invent your system of rewards. Feel free to chat about any subject. Perhaps your followers can tell you how to improve your broadcast. Or support your channel with their donations. To do this, you can set up a subscriber-only chat room.

We hope our tips will help you create a successful Twitch channel. And the best way to test this is just to use them! Use our experience, spend more time on the platform and develop your winning strategy. And then, we are sure that success will not take long!

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