Oleg Tytarenko 11 Dec 2021
5 tips to streamers promote via Reddit

If you're a streamer and you're looking to grow your Twitch channel, of course, you share your content with your viewers using whatever promotion methods are available. So you know, the more platforms and social media you use for this purpose, the wider audience reaches you will achieve. For that, look to Reddit!

Now, Reddit is the largest platform on the Internet, consisting of a large number of forums where registered users lead discussions on absolutely any topic. Reddit's influence on the Internet is so big that it is one of the top 10 most popular social media apps. Today this platform is used by about 25% of the U.S. adult population! Reddit has over 430 million monthly (and 52 million daily) active users.

This makes Reddit one of the most promising platforms today for building a community, promoting your Twitch channel, and attracting viewers. Once you're established there, you can redirect viewers to your Twitch channel and increase your audience. Cross-platforming and your quality content will help you do just that.

Now let's think together...

1. Find subreddits

What's special about Reddit (as well as Twitch) is that, unlike social media, they deliver content, not share it with your social circle. That is, on Reddit, the main indicator is the quality of your content. And to deliver it, you need to use subreddits.

The Reddit platform is a large community made up of thousands of smaller communities. These smaller subcommunities on Reddit are also known as "subreddits", and are created and moderated by redditors like you.

Subreddits are specialized forums that bring together users based on their interests. Each subreddit has its own moderators, rules, and voting system. There are currently approximately 2.8 million subreddits on Reddit! On this platform, they are denoted by r/, followed by the title, for example, r/streamers.

Anyone can read and write posts in any subreddit (except private subreddits where you need access). For your convenience, there is a subscription to subreddits so that you don't miss any relevant posts. What makes subreddits special is that they (just like most streamers) target niche content. That is, their content is targeted at a specific audience.

So using a search on Reddit, you should look for subreddits whose topics coincide with your niche. That way, you'll have a better chance of attracting your target audience.

How do you find the subreddits you want? Try to start your search using keywords related to your content ("live streaming", "games", "Twitch" and etc).

After that, you should come up with a rough list of promising subreddits that focus on the niche you need. And then you can share your content with users and write posts.

2. Create community

We want to warn you, Reddit has some rules restricting self-promotion. That's not usually the case with other social media. But don't get discouraged, that doesn't mean they prohibit it! You can still promote your Twitch channel here. And we'll help you figure it out.

Reddit is not a social media, and they want you to treat them like a big forum. So we recommend that you play by their rules and create your own community (subreddit). This way you can redirect users from Reddit to your Twitch channel. It's important to know that to do this, it's advisable to create such type of content which focused on a certain niche.

Where do you start? Sign up on Reddit, then go to the homepage, select "Create a community." With your own subreddit, you'll be able to communicate with followers and promote your Twitch stream.

If you want to promote through Reddit, don't engage in self-promotion. Think about your audience, interact with other users, and remember that you have to bring value to the community.

Next, the most important thing is not to be lazy. After all, if you just spam with links to Twitch, not only will you not succeed, but you will break the rules and Reddit may penalize you.

Note, the principles of the platform are that you should not fill the subreddit with only your content. If you constantly promote your links or clips, Reddit can mark you as spam.

3. Use popular subreddits

Develop your subreddit diligently and after a while, you'll notice the results you want. If your goal is to increase the number of subscribers on Twitch, this is a good long-term strategy. But if you want to get results faster, we recommend using other successful subreddits. That way you can increase engagement or even go viral.

For example, by getting involved in a subreddit as popular among gamers as r/SmallStreamers, you can gain access to 22,700 of their users. Streamers use this subreddit to share clips of their broadcasts or chat with game fans.

Don't break the rules of this subreddit, share authentic content and try to be an active member of the community. The main thing is not to abuse spam and not overly showcase your own content. This is specifically spelled out in the r/SmallStreamers community rules.

Benefit the community, exchange experiences, and always connect with other users.

4. Earn reputation

Interact with the community, share your valuable experiences, and comment on posts. These activities will help you increase your visibility and karma (reputation). Karma in Reddit is the sum of the points you earn for your activity in the subreddits. Because of your reputation, users can tell if you're a good enough member of the community or just a cheater. So increasing your karma, that's a pretty good motivation for every user. After all, the more karma you earn, the more respect other community members should show you.

How else do you increase karma? You will receive a symbol (+) in karma, when other users "upvote" your content. And pay attention that there are two types of karma: Link karma and Comment karma. "Link karma" is increased by posting new links. It is given for creating a topic with a link, for example, a picture, a video, or a link to the website. And "Comment karma" grows through good comments.

Also, only a certain level of karma allows Reddit users to share links. So you must reach at least 50 karma points to promote your live broadcast (or Twitch stream).

Didn't reach the right amount of karma? Try to attract other users with interesting posts. Use popular tags. Share clips. Comment on posts more often.

5. Streamer`s support

In addition to how popular subreddits can support you, cooperating with successful streamers can also help advance in your niche. Because by sharing your content with them, you will attract the attention of their subscribers. Thus increasing the number of your viewers. In addition, you will be able to share your experiences, thereby developing your own brand more effectively. To strengthen your relationship, share your knowledge, strategies, and tips with streamers. This will help you create a successful stream on Twitch.

To summarize…

As a streamer, you already know how to use social media to promote and connect with viewers. Therefore, you can apply all these methods on Reddit as well. To do this, you only need to build yourself a strong reputation as a community in the niche you need. And then you'll only have to promote your Twitch stream using the advantages that such a successful platform as Reddit will give you today. This will definitely increase your chances of success!

Let's start boost your views today

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