Mark Zherdin 09 Jun 2021
How to become a streamer?

Do you want to become a streamer? For those who are too lazy to read, let's answer without demagogy. It's never too late to become a streamer!

The main thing is to know what makes you stand out from other streamers and find your niche in the crowded Twitch streams.

There are many opportunities and ways to achieve what may seem at first glance “too complicated”. Don't even think that you're not good enough for a successful Twitch streaming, lest that be an excuse for your failures.

How to stand out from the crowd of streamers?


“While you’re making entertaining, authentic content that is somewhat different from everything else, you will stand out from the crowd”.

But not all streamers are so important to find their unique niche - many people achieve incredible success by copying the traits and behavior of their successful colleagues. And sometimes just being yourself is enough! This does not mean that you should now just take and copy everything that Ninja does, because if such behavior is not YOU, then this technique will not work. And to be completely honest, everyone tries to become Ninja.

Find your niche

Also don’t forget to find your niche – if there is a void in the YouTube or Twitch market in some subject that you think the viewers will like, take a chance and fill this void! Think about what value you can bring to viewers?

If the found niche becomes popular with your audience, then after that you can move on. For example, you can edit videos from your streams and post them on YouTube.

We'll give you a few more ways to find a niche:

Who am I?

Be yourself. Yes, you can invent yourself a character or personality, but he never really becomes you and never becomes authentic. You have the additional advantage that this niche itself is always free. No one can be you, no one can do what you do exactly the way you do it, and no one can think about things the way you do. Be yourself!

Research the market

Read, watch, and listen to everything that interests you. Watch the top Twitch streamers to understand what niche they work in. Look at which streamers have a lot of followers on Twitter, YouTube, and mentions in the press or on third-party websites. Analyze and find a reason that might have brought them popularity? What`s their branding? What separates them from other streamers on Twitch? How do they manage their user accounts in social media?

Look for “niches” in content and creative

Maybe you become the first streamer can to win 7 expert bots in Starcraft 2 by yourself using only zerglings? Or win every second game in PUBG while playing with a pirate eye patch and only seeing with one eye? There will always be niches that can be filled with a combination of skill, creativity, and humor.

Don't be afraid to try different pitches and formats!

You can only know their effectiveness if you try them. Can talk on paper until you’re blue in the face, but until you start to implement it on your boring stream, you won't become visible on Twitch.

Sometimes to succeed, you have to be very patient. Don't change your content pitch every stream, try the same thing 3-4-5 streams in a row to gather more data for analysis. How the audience reacts to your content, your image, etc. Without patience, you won't succeed.

Maintain and improve growth performance

The quality of a stream is always composed of many small nuances. You can non-stop improve your stream, from improving the textual formulation of Nightbot commands to the design of information blocks on the screen (chat, top donators, messages about new subscribers, etc.). All this attracts more followers to your channel.

The only thing that can stop you is time and laziness. More often compare yourself with more successful streamers and adopt their experience, analyze and improve it. It's never too late to be a streamer, but you have to work hard to become successful.

Let's start boost your views today

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