Oleg Tytarenko 01 Nov 2021
How to promote stream on Instagram

According to experts, social media help streamers promote their Twitch channels, attract a large number of viewers and generate revenue. Plus, it makes it easier for you to get attention from brands and sponsors. So you have to use the best social media!

We've previously covered the importance of social media for streamers in our article on the blog Twads.GG

Today, one of the most popular social media is Instagram. In terms of the number of users, this platform is now in the top 4 in the world (about 1.4 billion users!). This is one of the many reasons why you should use Instagram for your promotion. We'll talk about the rest of the reasons below...

Marketing & collaborations

First. If you want to go beyond the streaming platform, expand your online presence, and increase the value of your brand, your Instagram account can help you do just that. By doing so, you'll show everyone that your influence extends to a broader market. Which in turn will lead to cooperation with companies working with streamers for their promotional campaigns.

As you know, successful companies today often use social media to find streamers with highly engaged audiences. So it's recommended to keep an eye on the accounts of the companies you're going to work with. Do not forget to mark them in your messages, thus showing your interest in cooperation.

Be sure to tell about your hobbies, life events, and personal values on your Instagram page. This will help you not only when communicating with companies, but also when interacting with your viewers. And don't forget to add your email address to your profile.

Stories & video clips

Although your social media posts remain there for a long time, a feature of Instagram is that Stories are automatically disappearing after 24-hours. But, in this way, you try to make quick videos and photos created specifically for your followers.

The main advantage of Instagram stories is that they can be made and posted fast enough. This is suitable for streamers with constantly busy schedules when you literally don't have time for anything anymore. And there you can be by yourself without thinking about games and streaming. For example, to show your followers in Instagram stories photos of your hobbies or travels…

For more Instagram users to see your Stories, we recommend you add hashtags and location stickers. That way your Stories will be seen even by viewers who don't follow your page. Users will simply find them through the Search tab if they're interested in certain locations or hashtags.

By the way, one of the perks of Instagram is that you can repost video clips of your streams on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube Live. That way, you'll attract new followers or show the best moments of your streams to viewers who missed them. How does it work?

Short video clips up to one minute long, put them out just like a post. Or create an Instagram reel (looped video clip like on TikTok) to better promote your stream on other platforms. But if you want to upload a long-form video for at least 60 minutes, you'll have to deal with IGTV. This video app from Instagram even allows you to upload horizontal videos. To view these videos, users must log in with an Instagram account. Your Instagram account with an IGTV channel has an IGTV tab on your profile page. By the way, IGTV uploads will be mirrored on your other linked pages, such as Facebook.

In addition to all the above, we recommend you to send the most successful, in your opinion, video clips to large pages devoted to Instagram streams for their reposting. It's absolutely free and will help promote your Twitch channel in parallel. But do not be intrusive, sending your videos to all indiscriminately. Remember, not all Instagram accounts accept submissions.

Sponsors & support

Sponsored posts really help increase your income. With your Instagram account, you can attract brands to your channels on YouTube Live, Twitch, or Facebook Gaming. After all, more and more well-known firms are recognizing Instagram's influence on users around the world.

And also by combining video and photos in your content, you can promote products or advertise different services. For example, Stories are very effective for quickly sharing different information with your subscribers. And posts on your channel will attract the support of sponsors. If your content does go viral, sponsors will definitely notice it, using Digivizer, which gives out all the relevant analytics on your subscribers.

To attract advertisers more effectively, we recommend you create a separate Instagram account, especially for this purpose. This will ensure you reduce the number of haters and negative comments on your page for business.

By the way, many successful brands, more and more often conduct their advertising campaigns on Instagram. Because thanks to the latest reporting tools have the ability to study data on the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns or collect information about the interests of their target audience.

Communicate & collaborate

If you're a streamer, you should know that Instagram will not only help you connect with your audience, but also help you collaborate with streamers and content creators. With this social media, you can successfully distribute your content, attract viewers to your channels, and even build a strong community to support you.

How do you find other streamers to communicate and collaborate with? We recommend that you use different hashtags for your topic. Start with the most popular on Instagram, such as #Streamer, #TwitchStreamer, #Twitch, or #Gamer. To search on other platforms, apply the appropriate hashtags #FacebookGaming or #YouTubeGaming. And for certain niche games, you can try hashtags like #finalfantasyviiremake or #marvelsavengers.

Broadcast & Live

Instagram has a special broadcast feature. With it, streamers and regular users can live broadcast right from any gadget (like your phone) through the Instagram app. This makes the process much easier, as you can start broadcasting from any convenient location, even if you're traveling.

We recommend broadcasting on Instagram half an hour before your live stream on your Twitch channel (or other platforms). And don't forget to let your viewers know in time to prepare your audience and make them more engaged to experience your stream.

For viewers to notice your live streams, they just need to look at the top of the app and click on your icon. Then they can navigate to them. Your subscribers will leave you messages, send you hearts, etc. This will give you a way to connect with your audience and not be distracted at the moment by what you're doing.

P.S. Use our tips and good luck will come your way! And remember, no matter what service you use for streaming, the main thing is to use more different platforms. That way you'll reach more audiences and get new opportunities for your business!

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