Oleg Tytarenko 25 Apr 2024
Alinity banned again by Twitch!

Twitch has banned Alinity again and she can get her channel back by going to “copyright school”…

Today many news in mass media about famous streamer Alinity (Natalia Mogollon), who has not had the best times on Twitch. She has been banned after receiving a copyright strike. However, the platform has given her a second chance.

Last year, Alinity was banned from Twitch and was unhappy with the website's inconsistent enforcement. She even threatened to change streaming platforms. But she came back on Twitch after she was unbanned.

Currently, Alinity's popularity on Twitch has increased, her streams in 2024 usually average at least 2.5k viewers! According to some reports, her fortune is estimated at approximately $1 million. At the same time, she now faces a new challenge.

Photo by @alinitydivine

Recently, Alinity has received another ban from Twitch and she needs to go through “copyright school” to get her account back. According to her viewers, Alinity was struck off from the platform during the stream on April 23.

Alinity tweeted that she received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) strike and an email called “Complete copyright school to remove your copyright strike”. And it seemed to work and she will attend the lesson.

The school consists of one learning module that can be accessed through Twitch's Creator Camp and ends with a short quiz. The email explains that “copyright school” was created to help alleviate the confusion around this topic. There's nothing complicated about copyright law; you just can't stream content owned by other companies.

In any case, if you go to Twitch, you will see that the Alinity channel is still unavailable! That's why she can't have completed the 30-minute course yet. According to Twitch rules, a total of 3 copyright strikes resulted in the channel being closed.

In conclusion

Well, it's worth noting that Alinity is no stranger to bans. And instead of threatening to leave the platform, I hope she heeds the message…

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