Oleg Tytarenko 12 Jan 2024
Arcane season 2 trailer confirmed the fans' theory?

In the latest teaser trailer for Arcane season 2, some hints may one of the show's League of Legends fan theories be confirmed...

You may remember that Season 1 of Arcane revealed the origin stories of some League of Legends champions. They also introduced new characters. Now that the Arcane Season 2 teaser trailer has appeared, let's hope we see more of the game characters in the new season.

The official Netflix announcement states that the next part of the story of League of Legends will be released in November 2024. Recall that exactly three years have passed since the premiere of the first season of Arcane.

The long-awaited short trailer gives us some idea of the mad scientist and mysterious biologist Singed working on a terrible experiment. There is also a giant figure of a wolf chained with a chain. And all this is shown with frightening music.

But the interesting thing is that the teaser for the second season almost confirms the fans' hunch that Vander will become Warwick. So, after Vander was killed in the first season of Arcane, he may well come back. How? In the trailer, we see Warwick dangling from the ceiling and being experimented on horribly, with his hand pointing to Vander’s character.

So, given that Silco and his group were the last people to see Vander’s body, it looks like Vander underwent this transformation. It is not clear who is conducting these experiments. Maybe Silko or Singed? This remains only to guess. But we think that Vander’s early history with Silco is more consistent in the continuation of animated steampunk action-adventure television series...

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