Oleg Tytarenko 11 Nov 2022
Are Twitch overlays important?

What are Twitch overlays?

The Twitch app has many color palettes of different designs that are used by creators on the platform. These are graphic elements placed on top of your broadcast. Like logos, background templates, webcam overlays, emojis, panel design, banners or pop-up alerts, etc.

All overlays are of two kinds - static or animated. The first is easier and more accessible, but thanks to the second you will be able to interact with the audience and look more attractive.

Also, overlays convey information about your brand to your viewers and display your social media links. Using overlay, the streamer can add any video, images, or text.

Are overlays necessary for streamers?

You may not use overlays, but they help the streamers stand out among many others, as well as draw attention to their channel. This will certainly improve the quality of viewing, thanks to the better aesthetic look of the stream. In addition, with overlays, you will be able to more effectively hold viewers by displaying more information about you and your broadcast. This will allow brands to maintain their uniqueness and individuality. Using overlays will make your profile look more professional, which in turn will increase your credibility among your audience and subscribers. So using different resources for creators, you can make any design yourself!

What are overlay choosing criteria?

Let’s start by saying that Twitch overlays are premium and free. The best option for any streamer - overlay should be inexpensive and have a professional design. It should also be easier to install and configure so that you can easily manage it. And customize for your brand.

Keep in mind, many Twitch overlay packs are available for free. They can be found for free on various resources on the Internet or YouTube. The principal thing the streamers pay attention to, the web sources must be reliable! If you are interested in the premium option, then it must have its advantages in quality and customization. Or additional tech support.

Where to find stream overlays?

Free overlays:

Streamlabs Prime 


Premium overlays:

Visuals by Impulse 

Nerd Or Die 

Freemium overlays:

Free Twitch Overlays

P.S. In any case, whether or not to use overlays is up to you! But you should remember that overlays can really help you improve the quality of your broadcast and engaging experiences, making it look more professional!

By the way, you can make your own stream overlays. How? We already wrote about this in our blog earlier ...

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