Oleg Tytarenko 13 Dec 2023
Borderlands 3 review

Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter game with RPG elements developed by Gearbox Software. For many fans, this game has become a long-awaited continuation of the beloved series. There are many new cool features, but without cons, too...

Pros: funny, dynamic, interesting combat system, wonderful maps, original graphics.

Cons: long storyline, plot gaps.


The first thing I want to mention, the game is recognizable! This is the world with the same visualization, with crazy shootings and chasing rare loot. The developers left what makes the new part native to fans of previous games.

The planets are similar in design to those of the previous games. For example, Eden-6 is similar to the DLC Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. But it doesn’t ruin the big picture.


Four new heroes to choose from. Some active skills partially duplicate the skills of previous characters. However, the design of the characters was not impressed. The characters of Borderlands 2 seem to be much brighter. However, the additional DLC characters turned out well. It’s nice that the developers have adopted the Borderlands: Pre-Sequel trick and now each character has his lines throughout the game.

Originally, the maximum level cap was set at 50, but then a patch was released allowing players to raise the level of their Vault Hunters to 72. This new patch introduced some exciting features, with cross-play being one of the most significant. Importantly, players no longer need to grind for loot each time the maximum level increases. With the introduction of level 72, it seems this won't be an issue anymore. Players can fully utilize their Vault Hunters, engage in Mayhem 10 sessions, and obtain a level 72 version of their Borderlands 3 legendary character. Once obtained, there's no need to worry about gear becoming obsolete, as the cap won't increase further.

With the DLC Designer’s Cut, which adds a new skill tree for each character, this level increase was highly anticipated. Previously, players had to sacrifice part of their build to accommodate the new skill tree. Now they can keep their old builds untouched and incorporate part of the new addition.


In addition to the main story, the player gets a lot of side quests. Sometimes it even seems like you’re tired of them. Maybe the game is a bit long. So is the endless story.

Side quests are often repetitive, but some force players to make difficult choices or provide a relaxing and humorous experience.

However, there are interesting things like various map exploration tasks (collecting Claptrap parts, hijacking cars for Ellie, and walkthrough mini-bosses). This encourages map exploration, although the thrill of discovery diminishes as the entire map is visible before exploration begins.


The Borderlands series has always been known for its intense gunfights, and the third part lives up to its predecessors. The battlefield is as vibrant and explosive as ever. Elemental weapons still include freezing, but slag has been removed and nuclear radiation added. Many weapons now have alternative firing modes, allowing players to easily switch between shock and fire during combat.

A feature has been added to the hero’s active skill; now each leveling branch has its own active skill. You can only use one, but at any time you can change the active skill and diversify the gameplay.

The heroes' abilities in combat have been greatly enhanced, now they can do something like slam in The Pre-Sequel, and carry out elegant tackles. Parkour has improved. All this adds dynamics to the fight.


To add individuality to characters, the game allows players to change not only the character's head and skin colors but also various details like the color of the echo or the weapon theme. Interesting accessories that can be attached to guns are also introduced.


While the series has featured a variety of enemies, the developers have introduced new ones. With an increase in the number of planets, the game's fauna has expanded, providing more enemy variety in the animal world. However, some bosses, except for a few, are not particularly memorable.


In broad strokes, it follows the familiar formula for those who played the previous installments. Four Vault Hunters meet on Pandora and embark on a treasure hunt, facing many competitors.

However, despite the hints in The Pre-Sequel finale, Borderlands 3 takes the story in a different direction, seemingly disregarding the previous game's ending. This raises many questions, as the fate of some characters and the reasons for certain events remain unclear.

Another drawback is the silliness throughout the story. In an attempt to surprise players, the developers often veer into extremes and illogical scenarios, affecting certain plot twists that devolve into drama.

The theme of the main villains also does not cause any strong emotions. The only thing we can note is the interesting design.

P.S. It was surprising that there was no boss quest to come to after the story was over and farm the loot. There are arenas where you can kill time. There is a new thing that will strengthen enemies (will raise all enemies to your level). But, if you complete the game, there’s not much to do. So the best thing to do is to start over and continue pumping the character up to level 72.


Borderlands remains true to itself, which is perhaps the most important aspect. Nothing can replace the epic gunfights and the energy the game exudes. Although there are gaps in the storyline, many fans still love the series, overlooking these shortcomings…

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