Oleg Tytarenko 10 Apr 2024
Bot problem solved!

Hey everyone!

We are glad to assure you that now the problem with differently showed your views on Twads and Twitch is resolved!

Recently it came to our knowledge that some partner websites have a huge number of bots, which not only affected our lines of work but also deeply affected your Twitch's actual online count. Now they are completely removed!

We have come to release Twads AntiBot v1.0, which will help us detect bots and not count them into the system. Now you can be sure that all views are counted correctly. Exactly how you specified it in the promotion.

Promote your Twitch channel on top sites without bot traffic with Twads AntiBot v1.0!

Do not miss the opportunity to check our site's updated work and communicate with other community members.

P.S. Please, join us on Discord, X /Twitter/, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook, to read more information. We will work for a long time, so we invite everyone…

Let's start boost your views today

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