Oleg Tytarenko 21 Jul 2021
Creating clips on Twitch as a separate marketing element

On Twitch, you can not only re-watch your favorite or best highlights of broadcasts but also attract public attention in this way.

The clips allow viewers to quickly share most of their broadcast moments on Twitch, and streamers to develop their channels by sharing content!

Also, clips can be an excellent way to quickly familiarize yourself with a new channel or showcase the best moments of an existing one. The best part, so to speak.

If you don't know how to make a clip on Twitch, read below.

You’re watching the broadcast and suddenly realize that you would love to keep that moment in your memory - that is, in the "Clip". You press a "Clip" icon (a movie clapperboard) - and approximately 25 seconds before pressing the button and 5 seconds after will be saved in the default recording.

A new tab appears next and your mini-movie will be ready in a few seconds. You can pause or run, and loop a clip.

“You can give the clip a title as you like, or you can leave a name that will be generated automatically. The clip displays the name of the streamer, the creator (clipped by), the game being played, and the stream title at the time of trim. If you change the title, don't forget to press "Save"”.

If you weren't able to capture the exact moment you wanted, that's okay. You can trim the clip down to 10 seconds or extend it to 60 seconds with the Clip Trimming function.

If you've finished editing your clip, click "Publish" to save all your changes and take you to the preview page.

If you create a clip as a viewer, be aware that the streamer may be notified that you have created a clip.

To share the clip on social media, you need to click on the "Share" icon and select a resource to publish it.

And to delete a clip you've created, click the gear icon on the clip's playback page and select "Delete clip".

“However, not all streamers like it when their broadcasts are cut into clips. After all, there are different moments in the broadcasts - and those that you want to quickly forget about too. Therefore, Twitch has a feature that allows you to turn off the ability for viewers to create clips on the channel. By default, clip creation is enabled on all channels”.

If you're thinking now and have decided that making clips is a great opportunity to expand your channel, here are some tips:

·  During the broadcast from time to time, ask viewers to create clips of the best parts of the stream and share them. After the broadcast is over, view the list of created clips, select the best ones and share them on your social media.

·  Embed your favorite clips in the activity feed. This way you can use clips from your library quite effectively. At the same time, the author of the video will get publicity thanks to the presence on your channel, and the audience will immediately be able to watch an interesting moment of the stream.

·  Share clips directly on your channel so that everyone can easily view the most exciting moments of your streams on Twitch.

·  Download clips, save them - every month you can make a whole movie of these slices of the coolest moments.

·  Share your saved clips on different social media - that way you'll increase your reach and possibly attract more viewers to your next broadcast.

“Unfortunately, it can also happen that you have to say goodbye to the entire collection of clips that you've been collecting for years. For example, just recently Twitch "cleaned up" massively infringing clips. Many streamers received emails about the need to remove copyright-infringing content. And they had to manually delete clips and broadcast recordings, some of which were 8 or more years old”.

As you can see, creating clips on Twitch is a quick and easy way to share the best moments of your channel.

The main thing is that these clips should be short and really contain the most interesting moments. Also, that they don't violate copyright.

Well, short, informative, and fascinating headlines will help your clips spread further.

Let's start boost your views today

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