Oleg Tytarenko 20 Oct 2023
Diablo 4 mount: Unlocking

In Diablo 4, mounts are valuable companions for navigating the treacherous and war-torn landscape. These trusty steeds allow you to traverse the monster-infested terrain with ease...

While the opportunity to acquire these creatures may arise early in your journey, you'll have to wait until a later stage in the campaign to obtain them.

Recently we wrote a review of the game Diablo IV. Now let’s understand how to complete the quest "Donan's Favor" and unlock mounts?

Obtaining mounts

Your initial encounter with the city of Kyovashad occurs early in the campaign. Within its boundaries, you will cross paths with a stable master offering a quest known as "Donan's Favor". However, although this quest presents itself early on, you won't be able to finish it until you reach Act IV. What's next?

To secure a mount in Diablo IV, you must progress further into the game until the commencement of Act IV. At this point, you will receive a pivotal quest called "A Master's Touch". This quest requires you to converse with Donan at the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad. After you've had this conversation with Donan, return to the stable master, who will grant you access to the Old Nell Steed. This particular mount is free, but there are also two others available for purchase: the Grey Steed and Mottled Steed, each priced at 20,000 gold.

Controls & functions of mounts

Now, let's delve into the controls and functions of your Diablo IV mount. Here are some essential details to keep in mind:

- Pressing the right button on the D-pad summons your horse, with a slight cooldown. If you dismount before the cooldown elapses, it's only eight seconds. However, if your horse comes under attack and flees, the cooldown increases to over 20 seconds.

- To dismount normally, use the B button. But if you want to execute a leaping attack while dismounting, press the X button.

- You can make your horse gallop by using the right trigger (RT/R2). This action is limited by charges (indicated by spurs), which replenish over time. Galloping allows you to barrel through groups of enemies.

- While mounted, you can collect gold and loot, as well as activate Shrines. However, specific sections of your journey, such as ladders and crawlspaces, will require manual traversal. Barricades must also be dealt with using regular attacks.

- One important note is that most enemies on the overworld map will initially avoid your mount. But if you get too close or accidentally collide with them, they will become aggressive and give chase.

P.S. Notice, mounts are primarily intended for use on the overworld map and cannot be summoned in dungeons or cellars...

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