Oleg Tytarenko 27 Jan 2023
Discord challenges Twitch

In 2023 Discord will offer 90% of revenue to all content creators to earn money directly within their server. The proposal will arrive first in the United States, although Discord is expected to extend it to other territories this year. That can be a problem for Twitch...

Risky offer

To this day, Twitch remains the undisputed queen of live streaming platforms. However, there are many who try to invent a way to dethrone her to start a new reign. One of the platforms that have decided to start this race is Discord. And, of course, their plan is not bad at all, since they want to play a very powerful card: offer streamers better conditions than the rest of their competitors. Discord is expanding its Server Subscriptions program allowing more creators to start charging subscription fees for premium access and perks.

As reported by Business Insider, in contrast to Twitch’s 70/30 (new 50/50) revenue share, Discord is offering a much more attractive 90/10 revenue split! As a side note, monetization options on other platforms are still less profitable.

To learn more about this Server Subscriptions program, Discord has set up a creator portal that talks about this new monetization scheme and provides tips on how people can take advantage of the new program.

At the moment, we know that this feature will initially has expanded to communities in the US, allowing them to monetize their servers. The company has not commented about extending to other territories, although the most logical thing is to think that this expansion will occur gradually.

Although it is true that Discord is not a platform that people associate with streaming at first, the conditions it offers to streamers can lead several content creators to consider taking the leap.

In conclusion

To deal with it, Discord will test this new profit-sharing system for creators in the United States. However, this decision is casting doubt on the world of streaming. Even if successful, it doesn't seem likely that Discord will be able to maintain the 90/10 profit model in the long term. The reason is that, as we have seen so many other times, all the bubbles end up bursting...

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