Oleg Tytarenko 22 Mar 2024
Dragon's Dogma 2 launched on Steam with negative reviews

Dragon's Dogma 2 was released today. However, the expected RPG by many gamers has faced a wall of criticism. Since, despite the critics' high ratings, the user rating leaves much to be desired...

A few days ago, critics published their reviews, which turned out to be extremely praiseworthy, but even then it was noted that the technical condition of the PC version is far from ideal. Unfortunately, this was not only confirmed but also became the reason for gamers' indignation.

On March 22, Dragon's Dogma 2 was released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It's one of the most anticipated game releases of Spring 2024, and it's turned out to be controversial.

On Steam, the game has only 40% positive reviews. Gamers mainly complain about performance issues (lags even on RTX 4090), texture problems, audio stuttering, glitches, and crashes.

The dissatisfaction of gamers is aggravated by the ambiguous decision of the developers of Dragon's Dogma 2 to allocate only one save slot for character creation, and if for technical reasons it is impossible to continue the playthrough, it will be difficult to create a new hero (because in the game you can not delete the character, it can only be done through the cloud manually).

It is worth noting that in Dragonʼs Dogma 2, there are microtransactions, that is, the possibility to get all the paid items during the playthrough, but you will have to spend some amount of effort and time on it. And this, according to many, is unacceptable in a game for 70 dollars.

From journalists Dragon's Dogma 2 received high marks, its average score is 89 out of 100 on OpenCritic. Reviewers praise the story, fun gameplay, and a real immersion in the game world that stands out from other RPGs. The technical state of the project was criticized.

According to experts, performance problems with Dragon's Dogma 2 on PC are partly due to the high load on the processor. Consistently high FPS is only possible with 12th Gen Intel Core, Ryzen 5000, or modern powerful processors and graphics cards. That's why recommended system requirements should be considered as an absolute minimum.

Capcom has already apologized for the unsuccessful launch of Dragon's Dogma 2 on PC. They said they would consider restarting the campaign in the menu and investigating cases of crashes and bugs. They will be fixed with patches.

Currently, the developers are working on improving performance but haven't given any timeframe yet. The company noted that Dragon's Dogma 2 is CPU-intensive, and lowering the graphics quality in this situation will not help everyone.

As for microtransactions, the company only clarified that all items available for real money on Steam can be obtained simply by playing the game…

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