Oleg Tytarenko 08 Oct 2023
Elden Ring DLC: What`s new?

Although the core Elden Ring experience is set in an expansive and interconnected open world, the prospect of future DLC is a subject of great interest for players...

The storytelling of Elden Ring heavily leans on mysteries and enigmas, drawing players into its lore and encouraging them to unravel the unresolved aspects. These enigmas are a significant source of engagement in the story. However, certain inquiries demand solutions and the DLC could provide the most effective avenue to address them.

It has already released a free update, known as the Colosseum DLC, introducing new PvP modes, multiplayer features and brought about some balance adjustments and resolved various bugs.

But, the paid expansion, named "Shadow of the Erdtree" DLC, was announced on February, 2023. It is currently in development and does not have an official release date yet. Anticipations point to its potential launch in late 2023 (or early 2024).

Expected that "Shadow of the Erdtree" DLC is poised to introduce additional enigmas while potentially shedding light on the major unanswered questions from the base game, bringing clarity to some of its ambiguous story elements.

What to expect?

Judging by the teaser title Elden Ring`s DLC "Shadow of the Erdtree," it could explore various potential storylines. This expansion is anticipated to introduce substantial gameplay and narrative elements to address the gaps in the lore of the base game.

There is speculation that the DLC's story may revolve around Demigod Miquella, possibly delving into a dream-like parallel world. The central antagonist in this DLC is likely to be Godwyn, whose presence beneath the Erdtree is responsible for spreading darkness and Deathroots.

Also is expected that "Shadow of the Erdtree" to significantly enrich the content of Elden Ring, encompassing both gameplay enhancements and deeper narrative exploration. The game tells a complete story, but there are notable gaps in its lore that this DLC could potentially address.

In general, there are a lot of ideas about the new DLС, including Queen Marika's history, the identity of Melina, the enigmatic Gloam-Eyed Queen, and more. Nonetheless, several potential directions for the DLC's story become apparent. But probably the "Shadow of the Erdtree" will primarily focus on one or more of these specific concepts in terms of its setting and key NPC figures.

Some of the details

Recently, there has been leaked information within the gaming community regarding the upcoming expansion for Elden Ring. For instance, the DLC is set to bring in a whopping 30 new bosses. Furthermore, was uncovered as many as 16 new characters (NPC/enemy), collectively referred to as "Someone Yet Unseen."

Additionally, it appears that Elden Ring originally contained content related to items and missions involving the exploration of specific NPCs' fantasies. While this content didn't make it into the main game, it's possible that it could be saved for the DLC. In this shelved content, an NPC named Monk Jiko tasks players with acquiring something called "Dream Mist" by delving into the NPC's dreams. This promises a wealth of creative possibilities, allowing players to battle spiritual nightmares alongside the other horrors lurking in the Lands Between.

Let's not forget the potential for expanded endings! In the past, previous two games from FromSoftware, Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III, included such DLC. Importantly, these extensions didn't alter or disrupt any endings players had already achieved. Instead, they provided characters with a means to escape the dying world by entering a painted world. Maybe, Elden Ring DLC impacts the game's various endings or the world players are exploring?

In conclusion

Considering the multitude of mysteries in Elden Ring, it wouldn't be fair to anticipate the resolution of every unanswered question. Furthermore, the element of mystery greatly contributes to the allure of the game's world, so it's advisable to leave certain aspects of the lore open to interpretation. The Elden Ring DLC will enhance the core game, offering gamers additional challenges and further chances for exploration and deep engagement. Fans can anticipate forthcoming official updates and announcements from the game's creators...

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