Mark Zherdin 20 Jul 2021
How a streamer finds its first viewers

The most important question that torments many beginner streamers, and not only, is how to get more viewers? Some streamers think that the number of viewers does not grow for them for several, sometimes erroneous, reasons:

·  The game they play is too popular and oversaturated with competitors;

·  The streamer's gender or appearance is not to the viewer's liking;

·  Their level of play is too low to be of interest to the viewer;

·  The settings and quality of the stream are of low quality because of weak hardware.

Actually, the above-described reasons have little effect on the growth of viewers, and the main reason for the lack of growth remains improperly constructed marketing.

Many people, especially beginners, don`t know how to promote their content, they think that Twitch itself will give them viewers, but this is not true. Today we would like to share with you some free methods to increase the number of viewers for the newest streamers.

Free ways to attract viewers to stream

1. Use your friends / family

Let's start with something simple. You have friends, family, or any other people who can support you. Don't hesitate to ask them to come to your stream so they can help you, at least with get affiliate status. You can create group conversations on Facebook, or any other social network you use, and invite your friends there. Notify them when the stream starts, and ask them to support you with likes, messages in the chat, at least for 10-15 minutes of the streaming. Don't be afraid of getting rejected or if your message is ignored.

2. Take help from other streamers

Many streamers don't mind if a new active user appears in their chat. You can talk to them and their subscribers. And gradually in the course of communication let them know that you are also a streamer. But in no case don't spam directly on your channel. Don't forget - it's not your stream and it's not your viewers. You’re here to build a relationship with the streamer and his followers so they can help you in the long run. You can try to contact other streamers by e-mail or social media and offer to exchange mutual links or reposts, don’t be afraid to get rejected.

3. Co-streaming with other beginner streamers

If you can build a good relationship with some streamers, eventually you can ask them to broadcast together and share the audience with each other. Interacting with another streamer will mix it up your chat and lighten the mood a bit for you and your pal. There are a couple of easy ways to find a partner to stream with:

·  Find streamers who play the same game as you;

·  Make a list of them (you can organize it in Excel, very useful);

·  Just start communicating with them and build friendships;

·  Ask them to cooperate with you AFTER you've built some kind of relationship;

·  Get profit in the form of joint broadcasts, raids, restreams, reposts, etc.

4. Cross-promotion

You can offer your new streamer friends cross-promotion. You can start promoting each other’s broadcasts on different social networks. You can "host" them, can share their content, make mentions on different social networks, etc.


Let's start boost your views today

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