Oleg Tytarenko 22 Nov 2022
How can you reuse Twitch stream?

Probably, every self-respecting streamer is proud of its exclusive content. But the broadcast ends and the video is archived. So many people have a question about reusing their live content. Is it possible? Especially since Twitch`s live content exclusivity rules prohibit affiliated streamers from broadcasting the same content on any other platform within the same twenty-four hrs.

It follows that to cover a wider audience, you have to create more content for different platforms. However, the downside is, it takes a lot of time! But, now the situation has changed. With different tools, you have a real opportunity to reuse your Twitch streams on other competing platforms and social media. Such as YouTube or Facebook. Just keep in mind, simultaneous broadcasting is prohibited there! But it is allowed in short-form mobile services (Instagram Live, TikTok).

In this way, by interacting on social media, you will boost your engagement on multiple platforms, and you can also save time. Then you do not have to come up with new ideas every time. In addition, not all viewers prefer to watch live, but they’re more comfortable watching the replay later.

Next, we’ll describe some tips for reusing your Twitch streams...

I. Save stream

Firstly, you need to save your streaming videos, for reuse. Therefore, first record and save it to the local drive. You can even edit it later. There are many different tools for this. For example, Restream Studio or Flutin Studio. They will automatically save your broadcast recording, thus allowing their users to save their streams from any platform. After the broadcast, you will find the saved stream in your video library and easily download it for reuse. By the way, you can publish your Twitch stream as a video on demand (VOD).

II. Repurpose content

Besides reusing your recorded Twitch streams on other platforms, you can repurpose your live broadcast into other types of content. It can be in different formats such as - videos, blog posts, podcasts, live streams and etc. Then you can use them, for instance, on – Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stitcher/Apple Podcasts.

Try to edit your live stream recording into short videos. Perhaps, with the highlights of your old streams on Twitch. Or make a 60-second teaser reel. Share them in your Facebook feed, and Instagram. But remember, on many social media, video in the home feed is played without sound. So you’ll have to use a transcription service to add subtitles. Use a tool like Descript. You can also publish not only videos but also screenshots from your live video.

III. Increase reach:

1) Email. Send the link to the replay or thumbnail to your subscribers.

2) Multiple places. Post your stream (or VOD) on different platforms.

3) Tweet. Post your memorable stream quotes on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

4) Blog. Write a blog post with transcription and embed video on demand.

5) Podcast. Use your audio-only recording files from your Twitch stream.

In conclusion…

Our article outlines just a few ways to reuse your Twitch streams for your social media accounts, website, or blog. Just learn how to repurpose your live content for maximum social reach. We hope our tips will be useful to you in promoting your channel or brand. When you have mastered all of the above skills, don`t forget to always stay engaged after posting your content…

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