Oleg Tytarenko 05 Jan 2024
How to craft blast furnace in Minecraft?

A blast furnace in Minecraft can smelt various ores, such as iron, gold, chainmail armor, and tools. Its advantage over the standard furnace is an increased speed of work. You don't know how to make or use a blast furnace yet? Then read our brief guide...

So let’s start by figuring out why you need a blast furnace

Usually, the blast furnace is to smelt down blocks of ore into ingots. Of course, you can use them to melt down weapons, tools, and armor.

Unlike a standard furnace, a blast furnace melts ore twice as fast. In addition, the blast furnace is used only for raw ore, iron, gold, chainmail armor, and tools. No food, cobblestone, deep slate, or wood is not suitable! Smelting with blast furnaces produces one iron or gold nugget from the corresponding materials. Blast furnaces can be generated in any armorer house in a village. They can also be generated in trail ruins.

Now we will tell you how to make a blast furnace

Basically, just like with any block in Minecraft, you need some resources. Please note, that before you can craft a blast furnace, you will first need a standard furnace. If you already have it, you will need the following resources:

1) 5 iron ingots (smelt five iron ore, deep-slate iron ore, or raw iron).

2) 3 smooth stones (smelt three regular stones).

Next, when you have five iron ingots and three smooth stones, make a blast furnace using the workbench. Start with a standard furnace in the center, then place iron ingots in an iron helmet pattern and three smooth stones at the bottom. Now, all your items are in the crafting table grid. Congratulations, you got it!

And finally, how to use a blast furnace?

It is pretty easy. Using a blast furnace is like using a standard furnace. You can pop fuel in the bottom-left section and place it with the smeltable item in the top-left section. Although they work at twice the speed, also they use fuel at twice the rate.

Just fuel it with coal, charcoal, or a bucket of lava. You can put inside of it chain/iron armor or tools, and get an iron nugget. To get a gold nugget, put in gold armor or tools.

In conclusion

A blast furnace is useful if you mine a lot of ore or maybe often to break down items into different materials. Maybe you've got many spare resources lying around? Then you can craft a blast furnace that works faster than your old standard furnace…

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