Oleg Tytarenko 24 Jan 2023
How to delete Twitch account on PC?

If you want to delete or disable your Twitch account on a PC, this can be done in just a few steps. We do not ask about the reasons; they each have their own. In this article, we will briefly tell you how to do it...

Taking look at this objectively, Twitch gives users two different options for deleting their accounts. But you must understand that completely deleting a Twitch account is erasing all your data from the platform and cannot be recovered! So if you’re still in doubt, there is another option with which you can only disable your Twitch account.

Now, how to delete your Twitch account?

Note, you will not be able, to delete your account from your Twitch page. You will need to go to the Delete Account page, directly on this link:

There you will see the instructions for deleting your Twitch account. Enter your username and further push the purple button "Delete Account". After that, your account will be completely deleted from the platform! Then you will be redirected to your homepage with a message about deleting your Twitch account. Now all your data will be erased, including subscriptions and followers, bits balance, content and etc.

Pay attention, if you are a Partner or Affiliate, your Twitch account must be offboarded before deleting! For this, you need to contact Twitch customer support:

How to disable & re-enable a Twitch account?

If you don’t want to have a Twitch account currently and maybe recover the account later - Disabling it for you. This option merely deactivates your channel, but if you change your mind oh you can always re-enable your Twitch account by logging back.

For this action, go to go to Settings in the dropdown menu on the Profile icon, and scroll down until you the find Disabling Your Twitch Account tab. Click the hyperlink Disable Account page:

On Disable Account page, type the name of your account. Or you can also specify one of the reasons for disabling your account. And further, push the purple button "Disable Account". Now your Twitch account is completely deactivated!

Affiliates and Partners also need to offboard accounts before disabling them. These pages will redirect you to the offboarding process via Twitch customer support.

Remember, if you disable your Twitch account, you have only 12 months. After that period, the platform reclaims your account. But the data of the account will be deleted, and the username will be publicly available. This also applies to those Twitch accounts that show no signs of activity. To avoid this, we recommend, your at least once login into your account. That way, a countdown will be reset.

P.S. But keep in mind, you always have the option to re-enable your Twitch account!

For this, you must log in to Twitch, and type in your deactivated username and password. There you will see the message that the current account is deactivated. Next push on the purple button "Reactivate". Then will appear another message informing - "Your account is now active!". For completing, push on the "Continue" purple button to get to the Twitch front page.

This can only be done if the deletion request was made within 90 days of your request for reactivation. After this time the deletion cannot be canceled!


Of course, it’s up to you whether to delete your account or not. But it’s important to remember two things:

1. After 90 days all the content for which you have spent so much effort and labor will be irrevocably lost!

2. You always can create a new Twitch account. Even with the same email address…

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