Oleg Tytarenko 21 Jun 2021
How to look good on the stream

Most streamers don`t think about the quality of their “picture” from a webcam, and in vain. A good-looking streamer draws attention to himself as well as a cool game. Today we would like to share with you some tips on how to look better on the stream.

1) Put your camera at the same level with your eyes

It makes it easier for you to “look” at your viewers, and you will not have to lift or lower your head, this will create the effect of direct communication.

2) Don't put the webcam opposite the window

It is better to place the camera in front of the window, so you can easily avoid image flare and add natural light to yourself.

3) Don’t be afraid to use the light

Experiment, add or remove light, achieve maximum illumination without glare. You can put the light behind you or in front of you, working with light is very important.

4) Buy a good camera

Yes, it is simple - a good webcam (for example Logitech C920) will give you a very good picture, which you still have to work with, but less. Also, some streamers that broadcast mostly in the category Just Chatting like to use expensive reflex cameras, you can look in that direction, nobody forbids it.

5) Set up your webcam

A very good solution would be not just to take and put a new webcam, but also to correctly configure it - set the white balance, tweak the contrast, brightness, and so on.

6) Background

The background for the stream is a very important detail. Make sure there’s no trash behind you, an unmade bed, or anything that will distract or be an eyesore for viewers. Preferably use chroma key or its equivalent (you can hang a blanket as an example). Chroma key allows reducing the area on the stream that is occupied by the webcam, hiding your background, thus increasing the “usable” area of your screen (for some games, this is especially important).

7) Look into the camera

When you talk to people in real life, you try to look them in the eye, because this allows your interlocutor to understand that you are open to them and are not hiding anything, it works the same way in streaming. Try to look into the webcam as often as possible when communicating with your chat, people will see your gaze and be able to follow your words more closely.

By following these simple rules, you can raise the quality of the picture on your stream to a very good level and attract more audiences.


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