Mark Zherdin 07 Sep 2021
How to secure your Twitch account

No one is immune to hacking, especially nowadays - when technology is at its best. And no one but you will take care of the safety of your personal data, which is already online.

That is why it is important to use all possible and offered by the system ways of protection.

The foundation of your security on Twitch is a strong, complex and unique password, as well as 2FA (two-factor authentication).

However, beyond that, there are important points to which account holders on Twitch should pay attention.

For example, if you were watching a broadcast or make streaming from someone else's device and forgot to log out. Or if you've previously given other people access to your account. You can check the list of devices that have accessed your account.

For this you need:

  • go to the "Connection" tab of the settings.

  • scroll down to the "Other Connections" block.

  • if you find unfamiliar devices in the list of connected devices, feel free to click "Disconnect" next to each of them. Keep in mind that in these connections, Twitch does not pass the password to the source from your account.

  • and change your password just in case.

Privacy settings are something you should also pay attention to in order to keep your data safe from leaks.

Block people who write nasty things to you. You can do this in several ways, depending on where the offender is harassing you.

If in general chat:

  • click on the nickname of the user you want to block;

  • in the card that opens, click on the three dots;

  • select "Block <username>".

If you are persistently being written to in private messages:

  • click the gear icon in the chat window;

  • select "Block <username>".

You can also block users in your Twitch profile settings:

  • select the "Security and Privacy" tab and scroll to the bottom, to the "Privacy" section;

  • press "Show Blocked Users";

  • enter the names of the users you want to send to the block. You can reset them back to their normal state later if you want.

Spam in private messages on Twitch - you can get rid of that, too, so it doesn't distract you from being on the platform.

For this:

  • in the “Privacy” section, find the "Block whispers from strangers" switch;

  • turn it on.

That's it, now only your friends can send you messages, as well as those whom you track and with whom you communicate, and also - employees of Twitch. Well, they'll only be able to text you if it's relevant, that's for sure.

Ban gift subscriptions to unwanted channels

You can do that too - so you don't get pestered with links to content that is irrelevant to you.

For this:

  • find the "Block receiving gifts on channels you don’t follow" switch in the "Privacy" section.

  • turn it on.

Now you will only receive gifts to channels of interest to you from your friends.

Hide your subscriptions

You don't have to tell everyone about it. Your subscriptions are your own business.

For this:

  • on the “Security and Privacy” tab, select the “Privacy” section;

  • enable the option "Hide progressive gifter badges and gifts given count", so that others can't see information about the number of subscriptions you've given;

  • enable the option "Hide subscription status" - your subscriptions and the status of its updating will be invisible to others;

  • turn on the option "Hide founder badge" - then strangers will not know that you are one of the first subscribers of this or that channel

Spam in Twitch notifications

Very often we get a lot of absolutely unnecessary information. To get rid of information garbage at least on Twitch, you can also adjust the privacy settings.

  • open your account settings;

  • go to the "Notifications" tab;

  • click "On Twitch";

  • in the list that opens, turn off notifications for events you're not interested in;

  • do the same with the "By email" and "On mobile" lists.

You will no longer be bothered and annoyed by unnecessary notifications. Notifications will come only when something really interesting for you is happening.

By making all the privacy settings you need, you'll really secure your Twitch account and your nervous system from abusers and annoying mailing.


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