Oleg Tytarenko 12 Oct 2023
How to use mimic tongue in Dark and Darker?

In Dark and Darker, the Mimic is an adversary that disguises itself as a chest. Within the dungeon, you'll come across various types of Mimics, each categorized as Common, Elite, or Nightmare...

These deceptive foes have a distinctive attack pattern: they lunge forward to strike and then momentarily remain motionless. Notice that Mimics execute a short-range jumping attack, which can be easily evaded if there's adequate space to maneuver.

Mimic tongue. What is it?

Whether or not the drop rate of Mimics is connected to the chest type they imitate remains uncertain. But the danger is their tongue. What is the mimic tongue? In fact, the mimic tongue serves as the distinct sticky substance secreted by Mimics in the Dark and Darker realm. When interacted with, it enables them to firmly grip onto objects, making it challenging to escape their fangs.

Interestingly, the mimic tongue can be useful. It's a unique and adhesive concealed tool that empowers players and Dungeon Masters to craft magical elixirs and cunning snares within the game or enhance weapons within the game's storyline.

How can a mimic tongue be used?

There are several methods of how players may benefit from mimic tongue, with their Dungeon Master. Let's look at some of them…

Collaborate with your Dungeon Master to invent original potions, magical tools, or objects featuring mimic tongue. Maybe, combine mimic tongue with other resources to design traps or gadgets that can immobilize foes or introduce unforeseen elements into encounters. Plus, whip up potions capable of bestowing temporary mimicry abilities. By the way, you can use the mimic tongue as a component in spells or rituals to create magical effects.

And don't forget that mimic tongue can be part of weapon crafting, which will lead to unique enhancements…

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