Oleg Tytarenko 07 Sep 2021
How to write a catchy stream title on Twitch

A Twitch stream title is a very important marketing move for a streamer. So attract users' attention with a properly composed headline.

Remove all unnecessary information

Leave only what really matters and will attract the attention of your audience.

The headline must be unique

Think about it, what's your thing? How are you different from hundreds of thousands of other streamers? Maybe you have your own style of play - aggressive or measured and relaxed? Write about it.

Or maybe your chat is full of unusual memes? This, too, is a feature that can play to your advantage.

Your game level can also be your hallmark. Whether you're a professional or just starting out, write about it. Both may be of interest to different types of viewers.

Do you have achievements in games? Are you a tournament winner or have you recently unlocked something interesting and unusual in the game? Be sure to tell us about it in the headline.

Do not constantly use the same techniques, let all your broadcasts will have their original names.

Arouse curiosity

All people are curious about things they don't know yet. It's a natural curiosity, and there's no hiding from it.

Think about what might spark a wild interest in your audience? Use unusual combinations of words and concepts that will cause your audience to ask - "What? How's that?" Or ask the question yourself, for example, " Defeating the Shaper, find your way back "- people immediately get interested: "What's so hard about that? We'll have to see", "Is it possible?"

Another presentation way for a headline is to create conflict. "Beat Ms. Splosion Man or monster" - such a headline will make the audience wonder - "So what's the bottom line? Did you manage to win? And if not, how to defeat the monster?"

Think about it, for sure there is something interesting in your streamer's arsenal that might arouse curiosity.

Emotion. It encourages people to start watching your broadcast

All people are driven by emotion. If your headline "touches a nerve," there's no chance a person will pass it by.

Use interesting adjectives to liven up your headline. Add humor that relates to your game or action. But don't overdo it. You can use current events in the game to evoke an emotion (excitement, anger, boredom, etc.).

Be useful

What useful information do you want to give your viewers? What is the main value of your broadcast?

For example, what exactly are you doing in the game? Is it a single-player game? Are you practicing strategy, or are you planning to have an exciting battle? What type or class of character do you have? Are you actively answering questions in chat and helping newcomers? Include this in the title.

Maybe you showcase certain skills or do certain actions in the broadcast to achieve a goal? Are you playing with someone notable? Tell us about it in the headline!

Know that audiences don't just come to you. They always come for something. For new knowledge, emotion, fresh entertainment. And your headline should let them know what to expect from you.

Use attention-grabbing special characters, caps lock. But be careful with it.

If these symbols are at all appropriate. Limit yourself to one or at most two.

If possible, point out the urgency of your broadcast

For example, that it is a unique opportunity. Such a move might encourage people to join you so they don't miss out on an exclusive.

Ask for opinion

People like to express their opinions, with or without cause. If you're not a gamer, and you're IRL streaming, put what you want to talk about in the title. Ask the audience what they think about it. And expect sociable guests on the stream.

If you take all of the above into account, you're sure to have a great headline that will be a success!

The main thing is to take your time, gather your thoughts, and, taking into account our recommendations, write 15-20 variants of the headline. And choose the best of them!

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