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IRL streaming on Twitch

IRL abbreviation can be deciphered as In Real Life. In recent years, IRL streaming on Twitch has become very popular. This category of streaming covers travel, fitness, art, music, ASMR, etc. In other words, if your live content on Twitch is not related to games or esports, it belongs to the category of IRL…

What is IRL Streaming?

Today, many of the largest content creators work in this area. Undoubtedly one of the reasons for the growing popularity among users is that you can easily start and launch your IRL stream on the Twitch platform.

The second reason is the desire to share your lifestyle with other people. After all, probably, everyone would like to turn their hobby into work. With the capabilities and available technology, more and more people are choosing Twitch IRL streaming as their career.

Of course, IRL streaming is not as easy money as it seems. This new industry is a highly competitive market, and therefore originality and innovative approaches are always welcome. And indeed, Twitch has already got competition in this area. Now, this category of streaming also engaged in several platforms, like YouTube, DLive, or Periscope. And although each of these platforms has its advantages, do not forget that Twitch was the pioneer in this field. After all, the IRL Streaming category was first added on Twitch back in March 2017.

Although Twitch used to be only for game livestreaming, then they have begun to attract different content creators and non-gaming communities. And over the years the popularity of this category has only increased. For example, the number of views of Twitch streams on “Just Chatting” has already exceeded the number of views of gaming content on the platform.

Actually, IRL Streaming covers many various niches on Twitch. The platform has created several subcategories. Thanks to these, creators can properly label their live content to reach their target audience. These subcategories more accurately reflect the features of each category. In addition, Twitch uses tags to make it easier for viewers to find content.

Such variety can't be unattractive!

What categories of IRL streaming are on Twitch?

Just Chatting

Just love to talk and want to hang with your stream as you relax? Or want to drop a random Q&A or vlog along? This Twitch category allows streamers to talk with their audience in a casual relaxed setting. Just Chatting includes anything from talking about their daily lives to playing games together.


The category “Politics” was added on Twitch in 2019 during the second week of the impeachment hearings for the online exchange of political opinions. Political streamers discuss politics and current events, helping viewers find the truth in a sea of misinformation.

Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches

If you have chosen swimwear that is allowed under the "Swim and Beaches" contextual exception to Twitch's standard Nudity and Attire policy, you can stream into the "Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches" category.


In the "Music" category many amateur performers can share their art with millions of people, and build a place to connect with their fans. Now, your music can be heard live around the world. Actually, through Twitch, anyone can broadcast themselves live.

Special Events

Events like Penny Arcade Exo (PAX), E3, TwitchCon, and almost all special events from game developers take place in this Twitch category. If you can’t attend one of these events, you’ll be able to view it on Twitch.


Do you enjoy creating visual art in any form or fashion? This category on Twitch is mostly home to digital artists who stream their drawing process. Here you’ll find graphic designers, traditional artists, and plenty of VTubers.

Software and Game Development

This streaming category is added for content related to programming and all aspects of game development. Twitch`s "Software & Game Development" category, must improve the discoverability of content for devs.


Although ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, today it is much more than some sounds that cause a tingling. It is a source of comfort, anxiety, and stress relief for the ASMR community. The videos and streams are spread to different genres and types of ASMR triggers.


Twitch has gradually become a key place to watch live sports and content. The "Sports" category includes streams from European soccer clubs and also provides NBA, NHL, RFL, UFC, and NWSL content. Twitch also offers the opportunity for individual sports stars to stream directly to their fans.

Talk Shows & Podcasts

"Talk shows" were already a category on Twitch, and "Podcasts" have joined in as well. So if you're planning on making a formatted show, put it in the "Talk Shows & Podcasts" category. If you're just chatting with no real format, put it there as well.

Travel & Outdoors

The “Travel & Outdoors” streaming category broadcasts all types of content: from top gamers on vacation to the usual Twitch users sharing videos of their road trip, to the contemplation of nature. Here you can also watch popular travel vloggers from around the world.

Food & Drink

Is a category that allows Mukbang streamers to interact with their communities while eating a meal. Viewers can find here social eating, cooking shows, and food-related challenges.

Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos

Twitch’s new "Animals" livestream category may give streamers who focus on pets a place to group their streams. This category brings together a bunch of streams from zoos, conservation projects, and animal owners, making it easier for viewers to find them.

Makers & Crafting

This category was created in 2018 after Twitch was renamed “Hobbies & Crafts” to better represent the many pros who streamed in it. The streamers in the category do everything from embroidery to woodworking. Of course, live streams can take a long time, since people make physical goods.

Science & Technology

A lot of content creators there that are freely giving away knowledge that you can only acquire on most other online platforms by paying money.  There is yet more information about software coding, game development, cool science experiments, etc. Generally, anything scientifically or robotically gets engineered here.

Fitness & Health

Perusing around the "Fitness & Health" Twitch category, you'll find group lead workouts, streamers just working out and chatting with their viewers, or maybe find some smaller sporting events being covered.

Beauty & Body Art

This is one of Twitch's categories showing the strong ties between gaming and beauty. There you find makeup tutorials, body painting, and tattooing.

In conclusion

Today, IRL Streaming on Twitch is getting more popular. Because a lot of users from all over the world now want to share their skills and passions. It is even possible that in the near future, there will be a separate platform for IRL streaming. For what it’s worth, but so far its large popularity continues to help Twitch grow in the live streaming industry…

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