Oleg Tytarenko 09 May 2024
 Kiсk wants a more transparent ban feature

Have you heard about the latest news from the Kick staff? They are planning to introduce a new ban feature that is set to provide even greater transparency than what's currently available on Twitch. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

No secret that in the ongoing competition between Kick and Twitch, both platforms have been rolling out new features and concepts to outdo each other in the battle for streaming dominance.

For instance, Kick's staff has prioritized transparency around suspensions, still grappling with the challenge of balancing content freedom with moderation. Now Kick staff wants a new ban feature to provide even more transparency than Twitch!

Currently, by words to one of the platform’s leaders, Andrew Santamaria, Kick could potentially introduce a new ban feature that would provide even greater transparency.

Andrew Santamaria (Kick's Head of Strategic Partnerships) is intrigued by the idea of a new feature that would offer viewers and streamers more details about their bans.

During a recent broadcast, Santamaria responded positively to a fan's suggestion about adding a feature that would inform banned streamers and their viewers of the remaining ban duration.

Recently he said that's a really good and smart idea. But he doesn’t know how Kick developers will feel about it.

Although, Kick's Head of Strategic Partnerships added that he would propose the idea to higher-ups to explore its implementation, jokingly suggesting he might claim credit for it. And of course decision to implement this suggestion remains to be seen.

In conclusion

However, given the positive reception thus far, streamers on the platform may soon have more comprehensive information about their bans compared to other platforms. Furthermore, this move could give Kick an advantage over Twitch...

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