Oleg Tytarenko 08 Nov 2023
Minecraft Armor Trims guide

In Minecraft, Armor Trims serve both as a means to showcase your in-game adventures and ensure your character's safety, though obtaining and crafting them can be somewhat challenging at times…

Here's our review of all the new Armor Trims available in Minecraft, along with brief instructions on integrating them into your outfit.

What is this?

These items allow you to introduce various designs to your armor by utilizing resources you've collected. From a gameplay standpoint, they don't have any impact, but they do enable you to incorporate a touch of personal style into your equipment. However, the process of acquiring and applying these designs can be somewhat intricate. Therefore, we will clarify how to obtain them and provide guidance on how to use them effectively.

How to customize?

You'll need 3 essential components: Armor Trim, Ore, and your piece of armor. Armor Trim must be obtained and is commonly found in significant locations. The color of the armor set is determined by the type of ore: Iron, Copper, Gold, Lapis, Emerald, Diamond, Netherite, Redstone, Amethyst, and Quartz.

Once you have acquired an ore, an Armor Trim, and a piece of armor, proceed to a Smithing Table and combine these elements. This way you get your customized armor.

Here's a list of the Armor Trims that are accessible and their respective locations:

Sentry Armor Trim (Pillager Outpost)

Dune Armor Trim (Desert Pyramid)

Coast Armor Trim (Shipwreck)

Wild Armor Trim (Jungle Temple)

Tide Armor Trim (Ocean Monument)

Ward Armor Trim (Ancient City)

Vex Armor Trim (Woodland Mansion)

Rib Armor Trim (Nether Fortress)

Snout Armor Trim (Bastion Remnant)

Eye Armor Trim (Stronghold)

Spire Armor Trim (End City)

Wayfinder Armor Trim (Trail Ruins)

Raiser Armor Trim (Trail Ruins)

Shaper Armor Trim (Trail Ruins)

Host Armor Trim (Trail Ruins)

Silence Armor Trim (Ancient City)

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