Oleg Tytarenko 06 Nov 2023
New Anime Fighting Simulator X codes

Playing Roblox, you're in for a pleasant surprise with Anime Fighting Simulator X. It elevates the game to an entirely new level. Now everything has been cranked up to the max, and this includes the codes, although this is the same open-world exploration and combat experience as before...

I'm sure you will get a variety of fantastic giveaways accessible using different Anime Fighting Simulator X codes. Some of them grant you in-game currency, absolutely free, but others can provide you with permanent Stat Boosts.

We will share with you the latest codes! Please note that these codes are not artificial or simulated. We actively searched for fresh codes...

Working AFSX codes:

sorryforyenboosts - 3 Yen Boosts

FIGHTINGPASSISBACK - 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts, 50k Chikara, 1 Fighting Pass Ticket

freefightpassticket - Rewards

QuickShutdown - 1 Stat Boost, 1 Yen Boost

150K150K - 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts

THANKSFOR175K - 3 Adventures Tickets, 1 Fighting Pass Ticket and 2 Stat Boosts

Bandites - 5k Chikara

HALLOWEEN2023 - 50k Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts and 5k Candy Corns

OMGUPDATE3OMG - 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts

UPDATE6BUGFIXES - 2 Stats Boosts and 2 Yen Boosts

125KLIKESOMG - 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts

bugFixwithYenOMG - 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Tournament Coins Boosts

UPDATE2OUTNOW - 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts

DIMENSION2 - 50k Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts

LETSGO100K - 20k Chikara, 2 Eri Shards, 2 Stat Boosts

Expired AFSX codes:

bruh3shutdowns- 5k Chikara

NICESHUTDOWN - 1 Stat Boost, 1 Yen Boost

35KWOW - 10k Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts

AWESOME50KLIKES - 10k Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts

anotherBugFixes - 1 Stat Boost

75KLIKESOMG - 10k Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts

OMG20KLIKES - 2 Shiny Rocks

bugsFixes - 1 Stat Boost, 3 Shiny Rocks

sorryForShutdown - 1 Shiny Rock

10KLIKESTHANKYOU - 10k Chikara

AnotherQuickPatchUpdate - 1 Stat Boost, 1 Yen Boost

RELEASE - 5k Chikara

UPDATE1OUTNOW - 10k Chikara, 2 Stat Boosts

Redeem AFSX codes:

1) First, initiate Anime Fighting Simulator X within the Roblox platform. Once you reach the main menu, select the 'Play!' button to enter the game's virtual world. While in the game, locate the button with three vertical dots on the left and click it. After clicking this button, a vertical column of smaller buttons will be displayed alongside it. Find the button adorned with the Twitter bird icon and give it a click.

2) A new menu named 'Codes!' will pop up, featuring a textbox labeled 'Enter Code Here.' Input your desired code into the textbox and hit the green 'Redeem' button. If the code you entered is valid, you will receive a message stating 'Code redeemed successfully' beneath the textbox and 'Redeem' button. Additionally, a notification will appear at the top of your screen, informing you of the complimentary rewards you've acquired. However, if you encounter an error message, it unfortunately means the code is no longer functional.

P.S. You haven't tried the original version yet? Then you should check out also original AFS codes...

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