Oleg Tytarenko 27 Nov 2022
New live “Reacts” on Twitch?

It’s no secret that last time some of the top content creators have been moving from Twitch to other platforms due to changes in revenue split policies. Therefore, Twitch is trying to approach this problem creatively, attempting to implement improvements for streamers and invent new useful features. For example, launched Elevated Chat. We’ve already told about this on our blog before.

Twitch constantly strives to improve its streaming service to keep up with its competitors like YouTube or TikTok. The company is regularly looking for ways to improve communication between content creators and their communities. While Twitch is testing new features. And one of them - is Twitch React...

Yes. Apparently, Twitch will soon be able to add a new feature that will allow viewers to use various specific emojis while watching a stream and they will be able to anonymously react to the watching content.

We think that once the streaming platform introduces this innovation, it will give the community additional tools and more opportunities to interact with their favorite streamer. Thus, content creators will now be able to more accurately assess the behavior and moods of their viewers.

Information about this was recently posted online after Canadian journalist Zach Bussey tweeted about it. He wrote that Twitch would do an experiment in which the audience would react anonymously to streaming content. Viewer reaction will be in real-time, but with five-minute breaks to prevent any spam. After the stream is over, Twitch content creators will get feedback from their audience by looking at their reactions on the bar chart. Then they will be able to find out how often each reaction was chosen within a certain period of time. In this new feature, users will react with meme-inspired emojis. Such as - "Funny", "Hype", "Oh no!", "Whaaat?", "Love" and etc. Further, content creators can use this data for more rigorous analysis by accessing the related VOD page.

But note that this Twitch React feature is not yet available today. Although it seems like the company will soon announce it. Let’s hope this new feature is really useful for many streamers…

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