Oleg Tytarenko 12 Jun 2024
Is Ninja calm after Cenat beat his record?

Legendary Twitch streamer Ninja said his fans were worried about Kai Cenat's supposedly breaking his viewership record…

As you all probably know, recently Kai's sleepover stream with Kevin Hart and Druski was one of Twitch's biggest broadcasts, reaching 672,744 viewers according to TwitchTracker! In fact, this number exceeded Ninja's Fortnite stream with Drake, which had 616,693 viewers. News of the new Twitch record caused real hype on social media.

However, this is far from the all-time Twitch viewer record of 3,442,745 peak viewers during Ibai's stream on the “La Velada del Ano 3” event in July 2023. Unsurprisingly, Ninja fans didn’t hesitate to comment on it. But the expected reaction fans never got. On the contrary, Ninja has kindly spoken about this Cenat`s record.

On his June 11 stream, Ninja (Tyler Blevins) said: “The highest viewership record on Twitch is 3.4 million. Am I supposed to be offended, guys?” And called Kai probably the biggest streamer in the world or at least in America.

Nonetheless, Ninja congratulated Kai for setting a new personal best and joked that either of them could potentially beat Ibai (Ibai Llanos Garatea).

We can also recall Ninja's recent comments suggesting he could have been as popular as Kai if he hadn't joined Mixer. Although he later moderated his statement the essence of the question does not change.

In conclusion

Today in the world of live streaming there is a serious struggle and top streamers will inevitably have to face, hopefully, an equal fight, for viewers. But only one thing is clear to us at the moment, breaking Ibai's all-time Twitch viewer record will require a special event…

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