Oleg Tytarenko 20 Mar 2024
NVIDIA reveals AI-powered techno-demo

At the recent GTC 2024 conference, Nvidia showcased an impressive AI-powered techno-demo that has the potential to make characters in video games more realistic...

Using generative AI technologies, non-player characters (NPCs) can interact with players in real-time, without having to follow pre-written scripts or templates.

The technology demo, called Covert Protocol, integrates full-blown AI into games at the NPC level, enabling characters to respond in a more lifelike manner. The behavior of NPCs is influenced by their life experience, personality traits, or even their mood at a particular moment, making every playthrough unique.

Nvidia believes that incorporating generative AI models into video games will make them more complex and engaging. Although it is unclear how close this technology is to being implemented in games, Nvidia plans to make it available to developers to integrate into their projects.

The fact that generative AI models will bring lifelike characters to games or applications and new GPUs has been inspiring news for many gamers and creators.

Of course, we don't know how far such technologies will go in the future, but there's already a growing debate in the gaming industry about the use of AI in game development.

For example, Strauss Zelnick CEO of Take-Two Interactive (the publisher of GTA), earlier stated: "I wish I could say that the advances in AI will make it easier to create hits, obviously it won’t. Hits are created by genius. And data sets plus compute plus large language models does not equal genius. Genius is the domain of human beings and I believe will stay that way".

Well, we'll see soon...

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