Oleg Tytarenko 23 Feb 2024
Will Persona 6 be released?

Sega had previously made a bold announcement about Persona 6. Japanese company suggested that the upcoming game could sell 5 million copies in its first year...

This is an ambitious expectation for the next part of the franchise, which may seem too high despite growing global popularity.

With Persona 5, this RP franchise has finally entered the mainstream. Now it seems all Persona fans are looking forward to the inevitable Persona 6.

How will the company achieve its high goals? Rumor has it that the ambitious plan is to release the game on multiple platforms worldwide from day one. No one knows if Sega will get that high bar. We can only speculate on what this long-awaited game might be.

We assume that Persona 6 can develop a fantastic image of Tokyo from Persona 5 Royal. Therefore, the new game must contain a large amount of content.

Of course, little is known about Persona 6 today, except this upcoming game has already become one of the most anticipated JRPGs. But for fans of the franchise, the most important thing is that it's will created.

Since all of Persona’s games were built on the foundations of their predecessors, is it possible that Persona 6 will return to the areas depicted in Persona 5 and make them more alive by increasing each area? At the same time, the P6 will have to do something new to stand out among the competitors.

Let us not forget that the magnificent image of Tokyo in Persona 5 Royal was limited in scale. So the next step is to create a more spacious environment for P6.

In any case, the release date for Persona 6 has not yet been officially confirmed. Unfortunately, judging by the latest information, this game is still far from release and fans can only expect.

P.S. There are only rumors now, but according to one of the insiders, the role-playing game Persona 6 will be released in 2025 - nine years after the premiere of the fifth part on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Atlus and Sega do not yet know where and when it is better to announce the long-awaited new product - different options are being considered…

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