Oleg Tytarenko 18 Mar 2024
PS5 Pro will be released by the end of the year

The new Sony PS5 Pro already has many rumors. In this article, we will try to highlight reliable information about the specs and features details of the upcoming gaming console...

If the specs are true, we're in for one of history's most technically interesting PlayStation!

With the release of the PS5 Pro, Sony is said to be hoping to spur sales of its consoles, which have slowed down, and give gamers more powerful hardware ahead of the highly anticipated GTA 6.

Also, several sources have reported that Sony is considering releasing the PS5 Pro without a disk drive, meaning this model would cost $500. That is, as much as the standard PS5 at launch in 2020.

Next, we will briefly talk about the potential features of the upcoming gaming console.

Technical characteristics of PlayStation 5 Pro:

System Memory - 576 GB/s (18GT/s). It’s 28% more than the standard console.

CPU - High CPU Frequency Mode increases the CPU to 3.85GHz (10 percent higher PS5).

Audio - ACM library has 35% more performance.

GPU - Rendering is 45% faster than on the PS5, 2-3 ray tracing (x4 in some cases), 33.5 TFLOPS, PSSR upscaling & antialiasing solution, support for resolutions up to 8K (for SDK), custom ML architecture, AI accelerator (support 300 Tops of 8-bit computing and 67 Tflops of 16-bit floating point computing), 30 WGPs running specialized BVH8 traversal shaders.

Storage space - 1TB

P.S. Many gamers are wondering when will the PS5 Pro be released. Sony's new gaming console is expected to be released this fall. The release is scheduled for the holiday season of 2024, which suggests a November or December launch…

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