Oleg Tytarenko 15 Jan 2023
Proven fixes for Twitch stream lagging

Do you hate missing out on the best moments of your favorite Twitch stream due to lagging and buffering? We will try to help you fix this problem so that you can enjoy continuous browsing…

Most common reasons for lagging Twitch streams

Basically, watching a Twitch stream should be fun. But if your browser slows down while viewing, then you will not enjoy it! Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned on the Internet. And even on such large platforms as Twitch, there are also problems with latency, which negatively affects the speed and quality of streams. This is why many Twitch users are not satisfied with lag issues from interrupted streams.

The reasons for such problems can be different. From unstable Internet connection and GPU failure to insufficient RAM. Sometimes slowing down Twitch streams can even accumulate corrupted data, cache, and cookies in your browser’s storage. And you just have to clean it. In general, the causes of lagging are enough...

In this article, we will briefly tell you about several proven methods that will quickly help you. Let’s dwell on the relatively simple solutions that have already helped many users to restore a continuous view of Twitch streams.

Is it possible to fix the lags on the Twitch stream?

If you have to deal with buffering or low resolution while watching Twitch streaming, you first need to identify the cause of lagging and then fix the problem. Here are some steps we recommend you take:

First, you should make sure the problem is with you and it’s not a stream problem. An experienced streamer will learn about it simply by reading in the chat, so he will determine whether others have problems with stream rendering. Or the streamer may notice that it has some technical problems, such as «dropped frames». If it’s not your problem, there’s nothing you can do to fix it, because it’s probably a problem between an ISP and a streamer.

Second, try to drop processes on your computer. To do this, you need to enter Windows Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar. Because if you have many processes open at the same time, the PC will automatically reduce the impact of other inactive applications. Thus if Twitch is playing in the background while you’re working full-screen, this could be one of the reasons. Therefore, quickly complete processes that reduce computer performance. This should help improve the quality or latency of the stream. Just refresh the page by clicking F5 when Twitch is the active screen.

Third, try to reduce the need for bandwidth. For example, if several people from your family are attempting to stream content at the same time, it will certainly cause bandwidth overload. Note that providers offer download/upload rates, but when watching content, audio and video downloads are used. That goes for Twitch, too. That is, a single user, when using multiple services at once, can simply cut bandwidth. To mitigate this problem, reset the resolution. To do this, just click the gear in the bottom right corner of the Twitch stream. If you reduce Twitch’s bitrate from 936p/60fps to 720p/60fps, you can solve the problem without drastically reducing the quality.


Try using the several methods listed by us to solve the problem of lagging the Twitch stream. However, you should remember that often the problem can be simply unclear. Or even an error on Twitch’s end. So we recommend that you wait a while after you have done the troubleshooting steps. To make it clear that this is a problem on the side, the solution of which does not depend on you...

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