Oleg Tytarenko 16 Oct 2023
Remnant 2 Archon: Unlocking

The Archon archetype in Remnant 2 focuses on swiftly generating mods and harnessing the explosive magical abilities of the Labyrinth against your adversaries. It's arguably the most potent class in the game and can serve as an exceptionally impressive secondary archetype to complement your primary skillset, should you choose to do so…

Wondering how to unlock it? Well, before you embark on your quest to discover a very well-concealed door within the Labyrinth, you're gonna have to collect some of these:


• To unlock the Archon archetype, you must reach level 5 as the Invader archetype with the Worm Hole skill activated, and reach level 10 as the Explorer archetype with the Fortune Hunter skill activated.

Leto's Amulet

• To acquire Leto's Amulet, you can purchase it from Reggie in Ward 13. However, it won't appear in his inventory until you've equipped very heavy armor and executed belly flops instead of rolls at least 100 times.

Black Cat Band

• The Black Cat Band is also available from Reggie in Ward 13, but only after you've met an unfortunate fate 15 times in a relatively short period.

Amber Moonstone

• Cass in Ward 13 is the source for the Amber Moonstone; you can purchase it from her.

Anastasija's Inspiration

• Whispers in Ward 13 offers Anastasija's Inspiration for purchase.

Zania's Malice

• Zania's Malice can be found in Root Earth's Ashen Wasteland map. As you reach the ramp leading down to the trainyard, look above it for a small opening that allows you to crawl through and reach the item.

Full Realmwalker Armor Set

• The complete Realmwalker armor set can be acquired from Whispers in Ward 13 after successfully completing the game.

Ford's Scattergun

• You can obtain Ford's Scattergun in Yaesha after completing the Red Throne storyline. During a conversation with The Eternal Empress, express some positivity, and she'll grant you the Seal of the Empress. Equip it and then proceed to the library on the same map. The ground will open beneath you, unveiling a hidden area containing the gun.

Cube Gun

• Cube Gun can be crafted by McCabe in Ward 13 by providing her with the Conflux Prism, obtained by defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel boss.

Labyrinth Staff

• The Labyrinth Staff is concealed within the Labyrinth. To reach it, make your way to the portal that continuously alternates between destinations. Instead of going through it, continue to its left, and drop off the end of the platform. A stone path below will guide you to the Bastion aberration fight and an altar containing the staff.

Void Heart Relic

• To secure the Void Heart, you must defeat the Sha’hala boss in N'erud, consult The Custodian regarding its defeat, and then wait for a day. After this waiting period, return to N'erud and you'll find yourself in Alepsis Taura, where the relic awaits among the clouds.

But how to locate and unlock the corrupted biome portal?

Once you have gathered all the necessary items and have them equipped, it's time to make your way to a concealed entrance within the Labyrinth. Starting from the Fractured Ingress World Stone, proceed down the stairs ahead and veer left, passing through the door situated to the left of the massive portal. Ascend a small set of stairs to your right and go through the cross-shaped doorway. Here, you'll encounter a portal that continually changes its destination every few seconds. Wait for it to shift to a location that appears to lead to a perilous fall, then step through it to begin your descent. After a brief descent, you'll land on a recently formed stone pathway. Follow this stone pathway and inspect the last area on the right to find a sizable, corrupted biome portal. Ensure that all the items you've collected are equipped, and then use the Biome Portal Key on the portal before stepping through. This will transport you to the Backrooms, a labyrinthine space that allows only limited time for exploration, so speed is essential. Within this area, you'll find several different items, but your goal is to locate the Strange Box, situated in the far back left section. Once you've successfully acquired the Strange Box, return to Ward 13 and pay a visit to Wallace at the docks. Similar to other archetypes, hand over the Strange Box to receive the Hexahedron in exchange, which will enable you to equip the Archon archetype…

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