Oleg Tytarenko 16 Sep 2022
Rocket strike on live stream

Live-streamed from a camera installed on the stream of a player from Ukraine makes a frightening impression.

Ukrainian Twitch streamer Roofbuilderr witnessed Russian rocket attacks on the city of Dnipro live. On September 11, during a poker game, a bright glow suddenly appeared against the background of the city at night, after which powerful explosions were heard. The moment of impact was recorded on a poker stream hosted by 22-year-old player Vlad under the nickname Roofbuilder. During the explosion, he was playing another hand in the WSOP Online tournament, but could not finish the draw. The video is widely available on the internet, on Roofbuilderr's Twitch channel, and on his YouTube channel, drawing more attention to the Ukrainian streamer.

Recall that the Dnepropetrovsk region was shelled and destroyed at night on September 11, and there were wounded. "The Russians sent a rocket to the center of the Dnipro. They hit right on the residential area, where the families of citizens were sleeping peacefully. There is the destruction of administrative buildings, shops, markets, warehouses, and houses. Details are being specified," - the head of the regional military administration, Valentin Reznichenko, said in a statement.

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