Oleg Tytarenko 03 Jan 2022
SEO for Twitch streamers

Twitch, is not just a video live streaming service that allows gaming fans to watch gamers play online video games. Today it is a huge and successful industry. Pay attention to the data. According to competent statistical estimates, Twitch's revenue in 2020 (through subscriptions and IAP) was $2.3 billion. In 2021, there are about 44 million Twitch users in the United States alone. And the number of concurrent viewers reached 2.84 million. Plus, 9 million active channels went livestream at least once a month.

And if you can properly engage this huge audience, you'll have significant success in your business. How to achieve this? The world in 2021! And people all over the world use search engines every day to find what they're looking for. That's why we advise applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your benefit.

Let's look at the advantages of this technology and how it can be applied specifically to the promotion of your Twitch stream.

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? This search engine optimization. If we explain to you in more detail, it is a technology for internal and external optimization to improve a website's ranking in the results of search engines for certain user requests, in order to increase web traffic and subsequent monetization of this traffic.

Thus, by applying SEO you will be able to make your stream channel (brand) more visible on the results page of any search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing (in this article we will consider Google). Their algorithms use all the data about you to rank, that is, they match the user's query with the result. How this happens, specifically in Google, we do not know. But SEO optimization will definitely help Twitch streamers become more visible on the search engine. In this way, you will help the algorithm find your content.

For efficiency in applying SEO and increasing traffic, make sure you're optimizing everywhere. Only full optimization of all your content will bring the best results! And don't be afraid that you will spend a lot of time on this. Gradually you will get used to it and you will be able to follow SEO optimization principles easily.

Titles influence?

If you think that the main thing for ranking is the titles, it's a misconception. No, it's not always. In fact, the title only affects the sorting of streams within Twitch by content category. According to available data, titles won't have much of an influence on Google search engine rankings. It's better to be more creative with your title choice rather than just writing the game title and then you'll have a better chance that viewers will pay attention and be interested. Use keywords in the title of the stream. Relevance to the games and topics of your broadcasts is also important. So try to stand out.

But in social media and blogs, the titles do have some meaning. For example, a clear blog title (with targeted keywords) can help you increase traffic from search engines and viewers easily finds your content. In this case, help even subheaders.

For example, on Facebook and Twitter, titles will help users find new posts and tweets. On YouTube, the video title is also relevant. It can be a keyword you want to rank for or show what your content is about.

Account panels setup

You must know, that any search engine uses text. So your account "Panels" (text and images) under your Twitch stream, should be informative.

How do edit the panels? Click on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of Twitch. Further, click "Channel" and then scroll down to Panels live (under the video feed). Then find the "Edit Panels" button. Click on the box to the left. Next, you need to create an "About Me" panel. It gives information, especially for SEO. And don`t need to create a landing page.

Add keywords that describe your type of streaming and content. It is necessary for ranking in Google, so you can improve visibility and boost your ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Note, your panels shouldn't be too long, it's all about brevity and readability. So try to describe yourself briefly and with clarity. And do not forget that the information must be accurate. That`s why to double-check all your data. This is would appreciate by Google and will contribute to SEO.

Keywords in descriptions

Descriptions of your Twitch streams or videos will be interesting to both viewers and Google (for which the text is always important). Apply the method of SEO. So use the right keywords in the description. And try to be as concise, brief, and accurate as possible. The main thing is not to go overboard! Excessive use of keywords only harm. And remember, the text must be readable.

All of this applies not only to the description of your channel but also to videos and panels. This is the data that Google uses in its algorithm.

Choosing your username

Only through the username can viewers find your Twitch channel. That's how Google works. Therefore, focus on choosing your username.

Here are some of our tips on the subject:

1) Uniqueness. Avoid being similar to other streamers. Try to stand out! Use an original name or your brand.

2) Brevity. Your Twitch username should be easy to remember the first time you use it. In addition, it shall be easy to find.

3) Appropriateness. Choose your username responsibly. It should not be distracting, think as PRO.

4) Consistency. Your social media nickname should preferably be the same as your Twitch name. This will make it easier to find and identify you on Google.

5) Informative. Add a keyword to your username. For example, "FortniteAlex" would be more informative than just "Alex".

P.S. By the way, if you thoughtlessly chose your username, don't despair. You can still change it...


Take in mind - all aspects of text matter for ranking and sorting on the Google search engine results page. If you can follow all of our tips for applying SEO for Twitch streamers, you will surely notice an increase in traffic to your channel!

Let's start boost your views today

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