Oleg Tytarenko 02 Nov 2021
Some tips for stream promotion

Any streamer, whether a professional who has made Twitch his main source of income for a long time or a simple amateur, should pay special attention to promoting his stream channel. If you don't do that, you will be at the bottom of the list (you can open the main Twitch page right now and scroll down - there will be many amounts of broadcasts that did not even get ten views) and you won't earn any decent sums. So we've written a few useful tips to help you promote your stream channel.

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Cover multiple platforms

Live streaming on YouTube is just as popular as it is on Twitch. If you reach an audience on both of these platforms, you'll multiply your online presence and the number of your subscribers. It will also help promote your own stream (brand, etc.) more effectively. The main thing is to work hard, improve your content and duplicate your broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube every day.

The difference in streaming on these platforms is that viewers regularly go to Twitch to watch their favorite streamer and don't waste their time watching someone else. On YouTube, on the other hand, the audience is usually more casual and ready to watch different channels. So it's likely that they'll get their turn to watch your stream as well.

Build your community

You probably know that the main task of any streamer is to attract as many viewers as possible to his broadcasts. If you're a beginner streamer, however, you'll have to start from scratch. So the hardest thing for you to do is to get at least your first fifty viewers. Let's say at once, without proper diligence on your part, this process can be long. But do not be immediately frightened. For starters, we recommend you try building a community on YouTube. This will help you show your channel to a wider circle of people, increase interest in your stream and successfully promote your name (nickname, brand). Just treat each of your viewers with proper respect and attention, and then you will definitely be able to gather a permanent core of viewers. And rest assured, after a while the audience from your YouTube channel will watch your broadcasts on Twitch (and vice versa). In the future, this may even lead you to become a Twitch partner.

Be honest, positive & considerate

At every broadcast, act like you have a lot of views. You shouldn't show your frustration, even if you only have a few viewers during your stream. Share joy and positivity with your audience. Motivate them to watch more, and they are sure to come back to you. Communicate with them, pay attention and make it interesting for them. In this way, you can create your own well-established community of loyal viewers.

There's no need to pretend on the stream. Viewers will quickly sense falsity and then turn away from you. Play your favorite games. Always be yourself and be genuine. Show your audience that you are completely honest with them and they will exactly appreciate it!

Improve your speech skills

Naturally, the viewer is more pleasant to listen to the streamer with good diction and a large vocabulary. However, do not think that all of the top streamers immediately mastered this skill. In fact, it's many hours of practice. Sure, just talking during your broadcasts will give you some speech skills, but it may not be enough if you want to become a professional streamer. Try to practice in this particular direction, pay attention to the correct pronunciation of words, and with time everything will work out, by itself. You can also take advantage of expert lessons. By the way, at some streamers events, the speech master classes were the most attended.

Look like a pro & don't forget about marketing

Try to look like a professional channel. The appearance of your channel is important enough for your audience's first impression. Your info panels (Twitch channel), for example, will tell a lot about you and the focus of your stream. Remember that new viewers who come to your Twitch channel pay attention to your info panel below the channel, that's why you need to make them as professional as possible. Be sure to think things through well. Then viewers will know that you take your stream seriously. You can do it with creativity, or you can look for ideas from other streamers. Stand out and the viewer will notice you!

Streaming isn't just entertainment. If you want to turn your hobby into a business, never forget about marketing. Try to take the time to promote your channel. Be sure to find and highlight your strengths. Always stand out from the other streamers, be truly unique. Eliminate your shortcomings. Strive to be the best at what you do, create interesting content, communicate with your subscribers. Make useful connections with other streamers. Create your own community.

Some Discord setup

Ignore troll messages. To avoid attacks through Discord, turn off text to speech (TTS). Consider a permissions system in Discord so you can control what others write to you. Use a bot for Discord to help you fight spam. Check the unknown links sent to you (before you show them in your stream) and all song requests (make sure they are real and not from the trolls).

If you can't avoid dealing with trolls, try to ignore them (and their comments). Don't be rude, be respectful. Remember that your audience is watching you. And you must maintain your reputation. Then the trolls will simply not be interested, and they themselves will leave your stream.

P.S. It only remains to wish you good luck in this difficult but fascinating business of streaming. But if you show enough interest, take it seriously as a business and spend your precious time, you will certainly succeed!

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