Oleg Tytarenko 16 Dec 2021
Some tips to streamers promote via Discord

Why Discord? The number of active users of this platform is growing day by day and is about 150 million monthly (about a third of all Twitter or Snapchat audiences). Discord has 350 million registered accounts. According to the latest financial data, this company is valued at $7 billion. This platform is increasingly gaining a mass audience. But it is interesting that by far, Discord has become the most popular messenger for gamers.

If you are a gamer or have your own Twitch channel, then you need to communicate more with the same streamers as you, and Discord is just right for you in this. To do this, just create your server on Discord for Twitch. With its help, you can play games with subscribers, communicate with your audience and promote your stream channel.

Register account 

To sign up for Discord, first, download this app to your smartphone or computer. When creating an account, it's best to use your stream name and profile picture (like on your streaming platform). This will make it easier for you to communicate with other streamers. 

We'll tell you how to create your server on Discord, just follow our instructions: first, click the plus (+) button on the left sidebar. In the pop-up box, select "Create a server". Next, enter your server details. Then, choose a logo and a region. Come up with a name for your server. After creating your server, set up verification levels and notifications settings (if you don't want to receive them, change the setting to "@mentions only").

Server customize

Remember that your Discord server is the face of your community. Use creativity to somehow stand out among many other servers and make it special. How to do it? For example, try uploading emotes to Discord. You have the ability to add about fifty customizable emotes (the community can use them in messages and comments). It's a nice way to interact. Also, a good idea to create a joint server with other streamers. This will increase activity and the number of users.

You can use the Discord Twitch bots to transmit your Twitch emotes to Discord, so they can be used by your subscribers. You can also upload additional emotes. Note, don't annoy members by spamming them with the "@everyone" option (especially when you go streaming). It can drive them away.

Create channels 

Now, after setting up your Discord server, you will need to make channels for your community. Start gradually with a smaller number. For each of the channels, add a set of special permissions. For example, to allow manage specific roles (write, interact, view). To hold your channels, select the "Create Category" option (right-click on the left sidebar). This will make it easier for your audience to navigate.

To create a new channel, click on the plus (+) sign next to the category name. After that, in the next box "Create Text Channel" you have to choose the channel`s name and type (there is also an option to create a private channel for selected users) and press the button "Create channel".

You can use voice or text channels to communicate with members of your community. And you should have a set of channels to communicate with your audience. Make them interesting and viewers are sure to come back to you.

And don't forget to set aside private channels (for planning with admins, mods, or friendly streamers) and Discord streaming channels (for announcements and rules).

Server promotion

Now the most important thing for you is to promote your server properly. To do this, place any Twitch panel in your profile (it can be downloaded or created). Announce it in your stream. Invite the audience to join it.

To attract users to your server, you can play games with them during the broadcast. During the round, interact with your viewers more often. This is a good way to grow your Twitch community. You can also invite your friends to Discord. Try using your social media for this purpose. It's important that your community is active and then other users will join you. By the way, you can set up Discord notifications through Facebook Gaming to alert your followers when you go live.

Creating a server, however, is only half the battle. You still need to keep your community active and engaged. How to achieve this? Constantly interact with the audience. Let them see your reaction. You should really appreciate their friendly support. Communicate, discuss about the stream, share your thoughts, find out their wishes. You can exchange selfies or memes. Play games together on the stream. It's sure to engage your viewers.

Discord integration

Know, that you will need bots to help you. There are a lot of them now, but not all of them are suitable for streamers. So pay attention only to those bots that you will need. For example, such as Muxy or Nightbot, and Integration (YouTube or Twitch) bot of the platform of their choice. If you need a connect your Twitch account to Discord - go into Discord, press on "User Settings" (the gear icon next to the name). Next, select the "Connections" tab and the Twitch icon. Then sync your account.

By the way, all these bots are well-configured for you. Also, Muxy and Nightbot, offer chatbots for your broadcast. In addition, the Discord platform provides many different features and options for Discord Stream integration. Muxy bot will help you with information and statistics, upload stream summaries after the broadcasts, and automatically let your server know when you start your live stream on Twitch. For automoderating of chat in Discord, Nightbot is a good choice. He can blacklist certain phrases (words) and it has quality spam messages protections.

With broadcasting widgets, you can set up (or customize) your Discord feed. For example through XSplit or OBS. That way you can see any channel's chat on your stream.

If you want that your Twitch (and Patreon) subscribers to view your channels in Discord, use Auto-Sync Roles. The setting allows you to use a bot to manage roles and gives them to active subs of your stream channel.

Make roles 

If you visit Discord, you've probably heard of Discord roles. With these, you can allow other people the ability to kick or promote certain users. You can also give them access to hidden channels. So common Discord roles can be subs and followers, mods, etc.

If you need to create a Discord role, you must first click on your server name (top left on the sidebar) and in the menu select "Server Settings" (with a gear icon). Then find the "Roles" option and click on the plus (+) sign. That's it, the new role is added to your server. Now configure the capabilities of each role. Also, if you want, each role can have its own color.

By the way, you can stand out with a memorable name for your subscribers and followers (to do this, simply transfer it to your Discord). It is possible to configure Twitch integration (this will automatically synchronize your Twitch subscribers with Discord).

Nitro benefits

Of course, using the Discord server is completely free, but if you want to succeed in your business, you can use the paid Discord Nitro. At a low price, users automatically become owners of numerous benefits. To do this, you need to subscribe to Discord Nitro. This will provide you with special perks. For example, the ability to set up Discord number tags (to identify your server), use animated avatars (and Nitro stickers), or extensive use of your emojis on any server (for your brand promotion). And also create your own custom and animated emojis. But most importantly, Discord Nitro allows you to broadcast the game live in Hi-Res from Discord. This way your members get extra content (if they use your voice channel, they can watch the stream). Payment for it all is only $9.99 a month.

And lastly...

And after all of that, we recommend that you keep in mind that this is your community and that’s what your Discord server is for. Therefore, be active, value your community and maintain a continuous interest in your stream. And you will be sure to succeed! We hope our tips will help you with this...


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