Oleg Tytarenko 06 Sep 2023
Starfield overtook Baldur's Gate 3 and The Last of Us 2 on Twitch

Although the official release of Starfield will take place only on September 6, the game has already aroused great interest around the world. Early access for owners of premium editions managed to set a record of popularity on the channels Twitch...

According to the Streams Charts data, during the first day of global launch on August 31st, Starfield managed to outstrip mainstream games like The Last of Us: Part 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 in views on Twitch. About 550.6K viewers watched the first broadcasts of the streamers. Interesting fact: there were 3.5M hours of viewing!

That’s more than Baldur’s Gate 3 (3.7M hours of viewing, with 481.5K peak viewers), which had been released a month earlier.

When compared to other major releases in 2023, Starfield outperformed Diablo 4 in terms of total hours watched but fell notably short in peak viewership numbers. Blizzard's game drew a substantial 941.5K peak viewers on its first day, despite Diablo IV having undergone two stages of open beta testing, allowing viewers to preview the game well before its official release. Hogwarts Legacy also stood unmatched, setting a record for peak viewers among single-player titles on Twitch with 1.27M viewers.

Currently, according to accurate data, Starfield has 550 654 peak viewers (Aug 31, 2023) and 10 536 peak channels (Sep 01, 2023).

P.S. The official launch of Starfield on PC and Xbox is scheduled for today, September 6th. It's worth noting that the announcement of the Bethesda game dates back to 2018, which is why Starfield is rightfully considered one of the most eagerly anticipated projects in recent years...

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