Oleg Tytarenko 11 Dec 2021
Step-by-step guide for streamers: online registration

Are you a streamer? And don't have a Twads.GG account yet? Create your account with us ...

1) First, go to and create your own personal account. Click on ‘Sign Up for Free’ (bottom left button) and complete using your information.

2) Please click ‘Sign up with Twitch’ on below form.

3) Now, let`s connect to your Twitch account. We need to know when you start streaming to show it. We also view your channel`s broadcast configuration (including extension activations) and analytics data for your extensions. Click ‘Authorise’ below.

4) After, click on ‘Lets do it’ on the new page. This will only take a minute.

5) On the next page, select whether you are an ‘I`AM STREAMER’ and click on ‘Set up your integration’.

6) Please enter your details as required. Choose stream language and number of viewers would you like to watch your stream on average. Then click ‘Next’.

7) Then, choose your color theme & mode. Press ‘Next’.

8) Now, your account is fully set up and ready to be displayed on the best gaming websites. Press on ‘Forward to Twads.GG’ button.

9) Сongratulations! Your account is activated!

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