Oleg Tytarenko 30 Aug 2021
Streamer tricks: channel analytics via Twitch tracker

Every professional streamer is always interested in the development of his channel and tries to get any insider information in order to understand how to make the content of the stream more interesting, and in what direction to move forward.

There is nothing better than to analyze the statistics of your channel or the channels of your colleagues / competitors. The system analysis will help you compare your channel with the channels of other, for example, more successful streamers, and make a lot of interesting conclusions: what time and days of the week it is better to stream, which of the games that you streamed were more viewable, etc.

Of course, you can draw conclusions on your guesses and subjective arguments, but knowing the actual real statistical data is always the right path to success. Therefore, it is advisable to use websites where the statistics you need have already been collected.

The Twitch Channel Analytics dashboard is also quite good, but it displays a limited list of data, such as the average number of viewers, follower growth, and stream duration. But if you want to go deeper into analytics and learn more about your broadcasts, check out the service:

Twitch Tracker allows you to find any channel and get a lot of interesting data about it: the maximum and average number of viewers, followers and viewing schedule, the number of streams broken down by hours and months, and much more.

You will be able to track channels, streams and subscribers with full statistical information, which is conveniently visualized in the form of various graphs, tables, charts, etc.

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