Oleg Tytarenko 26 Jun 2021
Streaming software review

In order not to talk about how cool you complete a level / beat an opponent / found an artifact or did something unusually interesting on the stream - it is better that you have video proof.

Let's consider this topic in our post - software for streaming. We present you with a brief overview of the software that is currently available on the market.

1)  OBS STUDIO, website:

Release Date: September 1, 2012

The program is free and open-source, so the community has created many different plugins that allow you to get the maximum out of your picture and sound. Available for Win, macOS 10.11+, and Linux.

Pros: Big future potential (when you’ve mastered all the basic features), intuitively understandable settings, and a lot of tips on the OBSproject forum.

Cons: Occasionally problems with system load, hangs, and crashes.

At the moment it is the most popular program for live broadcasts. This is facilitated by easy learning and a free dissemination model.

2)  STREAMLABS OBS (SLOBS), website:

Release Date: January 4, 2018

The program is based on OBS Studio but is a development of the Streamlabs team, which has been in the streaming market for a long time. The software provides identical functions as OBS Studio but included already Streamlabs plugins: notifications about donations, subscriptions, etc.

Pros: Easy to learn (there is a very simple and convenient automatic stream quality setting), full integration with Streamlabs (all functions are already built into the client), built-in broadcast chat, and alerts.

Cons: Sometimes too frequent updates (it is rather a feature than a minus) and dependence on the use of Streamlabs (plugins from third-party developers may not work correctly).

Not a bad replacement for OBS Studio if you don't want to bother searching for plugins for your broadcasts.

3)  XSPLIT, website:

Release Date: April 13, 2012

The company is one of the first players in the streaming market. It has in its arsenal 2 programs for streaming. Xsplit Broadcaster and Xsplit Gamecaster - both programs are designed for broadcasting, but Gamecaster is designed more for game streaming.

Basic versions are free but have fairly limited functionality, which will require a paid subscription to expand.

Pros: Fairly simple interface, very useful features in the paid version (for example, built-in video editor).

Cons: Limited functionality in the free version (limited number of available scenes, the limited maximum resolution of output streams, etc.), which is extended by premium subscriptions ($5 per month or $449 per lifetime).

To consider this program makes sense only with a "premium" subscription, reduced functionality spoils the impression of the program a bit.

4)  TWITCH STUDIO, website:

Release Date: Beta version

A newcomer on the market of broadcasting software. It is in the beta version. Positions itself as a program for beginner streamers includes these features: manuals for setting up everything (from microphone, to broadcast quality), changeable layers and overlays, built-in chat, and alert log. The program was created by the Twitch team, so it has full integration with services.

Pros: Easy to use (everything can be set up in the program, from the name of the stream to the alerts), easy to learn, intuitive interface, full integration with

Cons: Beta status, does not support other platforms (YouTube, Goodgame).

This program is recommended for beginner streamers who want to try themselves on Twitch. Ease of use and customization will help to quickly understand all the subtleties and nuances of streaming.

5)  DU RECORDER, website:

Release Date: May 31, 2017

The app is available in the android app store.

A small program that allows you to record and broadcast videos using your smartphone or tablet. Also, this app allows you to edit recorded videos on the fly. There is an additional paid subscription - DU Recorder Premium.

Pros: Low weight, allows you to broadcast mobile games (PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, etc.) without the use of PCs and emulators.

Cons: You need a powerful phone or tablet to be able to comfortably play and record gameplay.


This powerful program, can not only record video from the screen but also take screenshots, edit and view them.

Supports various formats - BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF, and PDF.

Compact and convenient menu, it is possible to record video and make screenshots of the entire screen and parts of it.

The recorded video can be compressed very compactly, which significantly saves the RAM of your computer. After recording the video you will be able to edit: rotate the picture, annotating, arrowed lines, and much more.

Recorded video can be automatically sent directly to your website, in a presentation, by email, or simply saved as a video file.

If you like to comment on what’s going on on the screen and you want it to get on your record, that’s an option. Sound is recorded from a microphone or Windows system sound, or both.

The program does not leave "marks" in the form of a logo or blur on the saved video.


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