Oleg Tytarenko 16 Apr 2024
Which is the longest Subathon?

Nowadays, subathon is increasingly gaining popularity on any live streaming platform, essentially being a marketing ploy for streamers. This way, streamers can attract attention and increase subscriber numbers with one long live stream...

The term “subathon” (as a combination of the words “subscriber” & “marathon”) appeared on Twitch only a few years ago. During subathon on Twitch, every time a streamer gets a subscription, more time is added to a descending timer. If the timer reaches zero, the stream ends.

Subathon became popular with Ludwig Ahgren’s record-breaking Twitch stream three years ago. On March 2021, Ludwig held a subathon that ran for a month. Ultimately, with his subathon Ludwig got around 282,000 subscriptions. Now he is one of the most famous YouTubers.

Of course, there were others after him. But Emily "Emilycc" (a 26-year-old Twitch Partner from Austin TX) not only broke his record, she is the only one who still holds it! Besides she has become the first streamer to have a continuous two-year-long subathon!

Currently, Emilycc`s livestream has been going on for 891 days (equivalent to 21.400 hours of airtime). She started the subathon in November of 2021 and the stream will run until the timer is off. On her channel, Emilycc describes her stream as “Longest stream/!Subathon 2 years live 891 days 24/7! Record! Sub”. And it's ongoing.

Photo by @emilycctwitch

Now, no one knows the full name of this streamer, who is in no hurry to disclose information about herself. However, Emilycc ranked #1658 on Twitch in 2024 and that’s something to be reckoned with. And notice that Emilycc has never been banned yet on Twitch.

It seems this can go on only so long as people donate. The approximate range of her monthly earnings is estimated to be between $1.5K to $4.3K. Considering her record, Emilycc was able to attract a big audience. Emilycc's all-time Twitch viewer record is 2 992 Peak Viewers on July 05, 2023.

What category does she stream? She is a variety streamer and sometimes changes themes. Most often this is Words On Stream, Just Chatting, Days Gone, I'm Only Sleeping, Alone in the Dark, etc.

It's clear that, besides her, there are now several Twitch streamers with ongoing subathon, like SweatyPedals (476 days) or Beard_Hub (378 days). Although the number of their followers on Twitch is very small. For comparison, Emilycc has got 154.5K today!

In conclusion

We don't think subathon is that easy! After all, not every streamer will agree to live 24/7 in front of the whole world. According to Emilycc, it's really hard. For example, she only goes outside to walk the dog. Anyway, she broke the previous records of subathon on Twitch and now has the longest livestream among all streamers...

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