Oleg Tytarenko 12 Sep 2023
Top 5 most watched games on Twitch last week

There is such a wide variety of content on Twitch for viewers to consume, but which games garnered the highest viewership for a week? Delve into the list of the most favored games right here...

While Twitch boasts numerous popular games, only a select few have managed to accumulate an astounding number of hours watched, often reaching into the millions, thanks to the competitive landscape among streamers.

We examined data from StreamCharts and tallied the total hours watched for the top games on the platform, starting from September 4, 2023.

Here are the top 5 most-watched games streamed on Twitch last week:*

1. Grand Theft Auto V – 25.9M

2. League of Legends – 22.2M

3. Valorant – 15.9M

4. Starfield – 12.9M

5. Apex Legends – 12.7M

*hours watched

It is interesting that Grand Theft Auto V pulled ahead, which previously followed Valorant in the ranking. But pay attention: Baldur's Gate 3 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dropped out of the top five!

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