Oleg Tytarenko 22 Sep 2023
Twitch adding two moderation updates

Twitch is introducing enhanced moderation tools that enable streamers to provide a clear explanation for why a user has been banned from their channel…

Today, effective chat moderation becomes increasingly crucial for content creators to manage their viewers' behavior, including dealing with disruptive individuals.

Earlier, streamers had the ability to outright ban users from sending messages in the chat, and a particular viewer is able to send an unban request to the streamer or moderators. But, Twitch is expanding its ban feature by introducing a new tool that offers precise information about why a user was banned.

Recently Twitch Support tweeted that “Streamers can now opt to share their channel’s mod comments with channels they’re sharing ban info with, providing extra context on why they banned certain users. Shield Mode is now integrated into Mod View, making it easier for streamers and mods to moderate their channel from one place”.

For instance, if a user was banned for using offensive language in channel one, and channel one is actively sharing ban information with channel two, moderators from channel #1 can share comments with the moderators of channel #2 to explain the ban reasons.

Shield Mode is a feature that enables streamers to instantly activate pre-configured safety settings on their channel to filter out hateful messages and swiftly ban harassers.

With this update, streamers can now manage their channel's moderation from a single page, eliminating the need to navigate their chat to activate Shield Mode.

Twitch team explained, that implemented these changes to make it simpler to maintain a safe community…

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