Oleg Tytarenko 19 Jan 2024
Twitch presents Beta version of Enhanced Broadcasting

Now, Twitch offers transcodes to all streamers, not only to Partners. Seems like recognizing the significance of transcodes for both big and small streamers, Twitch collaborates with NVIDIA and OBS to add Enhanced Broadcasting to OBS...

This feature leverages dedicated GPU encoder resources to create multiple encodings at various resolutions, leading to higher quality and reduced latency. Additionally, it offers automatic configuration options, optimizing settings based on the computer's processing power and upload bandwidth.

Interested users can join the Closed Beta, a Twitch-specific OBS version, for testing. The beta aims to be included in OBS's mainline release, offering participants early access to improved stream quality.

Future enhancements may include new codec support and experimentation with HEVC and AV1, a more efficient video encoding technology.

AV1, exclusive to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, is a collaborative effort with Twitch, promising improved visual quality and reduced bandwidth.

Currently, Twitch together with Veovera Software Organization, also working towards making the Enhanced RTMP Multitrack Feature specification affordable for the entire livestreaming world...

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