Oleg Tytarenko 07 Jun 2023
Twitch changed its policy toward gambling websites?

Twitch is not going to ban the streaming of online gambling websites completely. Dan Clancy stated this in an interview with Filian, Twitch streamer & VTuber. According to the Twitch CEO, only illegal online gambling websites deserve a prohibition…

Earlier we wrote in our blog, that in autumn 2022, Twitch announced about gambling content ban. However, this caused a mixed response from users, and in fact, led to the loss of viewership. Because online gambling popularity to grow strongly in the last few years.

It seems now, Twitch CEO changed his attitude toward online casinos. In a recent interview, he expressed the need for increased regulations on online gaming platforms. Clancy also emphasized the importance of streamlining the supervision of gambling activities, stressing the need to prioritize regulatory measures.

Dan clarified that the aim of the ban was not to discourage gambling but rather to address the uncontrolled operations of certain gambling websites. The existence of unregulated offshore gambling domains without proper supervision or control creates an inherent flaw in the system.

Source: Twitch

According to Clancy, unregulated gaming platforms are causing disorder in the ecosystem. He highlighted the lack of consumer protection and the potential manipulation of betting odds and financial transactions, which ultimately harms consumers.

Twitch's CEO accused unregulated platforms of causing creators to suffer significant financial losses and disrupting the integrity of the game and the flow of legitimate data.

In Clancy's view, gambling websites should adhere to the guidelines established by gaming regulators in established countries, although this places many in a gray area.

While many online gaming platforms claim to possess licenses, Clancy believes that none of them provide sufficient responsible oversight. Therefore, if unregulated websites demonstrate their compliance with regulations, Twitch may reconsider its prohibition against them.

In conclusion

The fact remains that Twitch suffered negative consequences due to the enforcement of the ban on online gambling content. It is known that Twitch earlier removed content related to gambling websites (Stake, Rollbit, Duelbits, Roobet). Because of this Twitch experienced a decline in its subscriber base and witnessed the emergence of alternative platforms like Kick. So we don't know whether this new statement by Dan Clancy will affect the users' return to Twitch. But, considering that gambling content used to generate significant revenue, reintegrating it with Twitch has the potential to greatly enhance the platform's popularity and regain its leading position in the entertainment industry...

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