Oleg Tytarenko 07 Jun 2024
Twitch launched a new Chat Warning tool

Recently, Twitch tweeted about a new feature that allows users to warn their chatters for breaking channel rules, providing an additional way to manage harassment:

“Starting today, you and your mods can use the new Chat Warnings feature to send anonymous warnings to chatters who are acting out of line. They’ll need to acknowledge the warning before they can chat again”…

This innovation will help streamers and moderators establish rules and handle first-time offenders before situations escalate.

It looks like Twitch is trying to improve its handling of banned users and now creators will have a new method for managing users before enforcing a ban.

After all, it is no secret that currently, many Twitch streamers use a so-called three-strike system (involving a warning, a timeout, and a ban) for users who repeatedly break rules.

In fact, the Chat Warning tool enables streamers and moderators to manage viewer behavior discreetly.

With the new tool, warnings are sent anonymously, and the user must acknowledge the warning before returning to the chat. All warnings are recorded in the mod action feed for streamers and moderators to monitor.

In conclusion

Well, we’re all in favor of good innovations. So Twitch is on the right track. Judging by the comments, many users liked this new feature…

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