Oleg Tytarenko 25 Dec 2022
Twitch experimenting with persistent goals

We know that Twitch is constantly trying to improve service for creators. Lately, the streaming platform announced another improvement, deciding to experiment with persistent goals. By tweeting about it on their Twitch Support page. This experiment will last several weeks.

What is the purpose of this experiment with persistent goals? Now all your current follower/sub goals will be pinned next to the “About” section on your channel page. To your community, this can provide constant visibility. And it will also help your audience complete them faster.

Twitch announced that half of all channels were randomly selected to participate in this experiment. And asked all creators, to set up a goal in the dashboard.

It should be noted, that this experimental goal layout is available only to 50% of all streamers (with access to Creator Goals). And will show just on the web version of Twitch.

This new feature allows creators to set significant purposes for their audience to focus their efforts on them.

The company hopes that such improvements with persistent visibility of your sub/follower goal to encourage the audience to help you reach your Creator Goals faster in a new way.

P.S. It remains only to find out if you were chosen. Just set up a goal!

For this, go to the link to Creator Dashboard...

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