Oleg Tytarenko 14 Mar 2024
Twitch news & plans for 2024

In a recent open letter, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy shared his vision for the platform in 2024. He emphasized that Twitch's primary focus is to maintain its position as one of the best live streaming services, with a strong community-centric approach. Read the main points in our article…

This year, the platform aims to prioritize the development of tools and features that will help streamers grow and stay connected with their audiences. This will include products that promote discovery and collaboration, and improve the mobile experience.

1) Twitch will make it easier for streamers and viewers to share clips on social media, including the ability to export clips directly to Instagram and create on-the-go using Clip Editor on mobile devices.

2) This year, Twitch will improve Stream Together, which is currently in beta testing and allows 6 streamers to go live together on their channels. Setup will become easier and more intuitive, plus there will be the ability to find and collaborate with other Twitch streamers spontaneously. The platform will also add ways to merge chats and combine viewership.

3) Twitch is updating the mobile app design to provide a more modern and immersive viewing experience, making the discovery feed available to all Twitch users as the new landing experience in the app.

4) Twitch is introducing new features that will allow streamers to share quick updates with their community outside of their broadcast. These features include the ability to create and upload short video stories, pinch-to-zoom for photos, and the option to share portrait clips with their stories.

5) To make it easier for viewers to support streamers on mobile, Twitch is rebuilding how users purchase subscriptions, gifs, and Bits to make their experience on mobile devices more seamless.

6) Later this year, the plan is to roll out Mobile Mod View on iOS to make it easier to mod wherever streamers are.

7) In 2024, the platform will create new milestones and rewards that the community can unlock by cheering, gifting, or subscribing. There are plans to improve Hype Train, including regular updates to rewards, and trying out new types of interactions with Bits to evolve Cheering.

8) Expect sub-price increases in some countries later this year. Twitch promises to notify users in advance.

P.S. More about Twitch’s plans for 2024 you can read on Twitch’s official blog...

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