Oleg Tytarenko 02 Jun 2023
Twitch raised the price of Turbo

Twitch's Turbo plan is raising its price by 30% in the US, jumping almost from $9 to $12 per month. Overall, the changes will affect 33 countries! Are there any feature changes or add-ons to accompany this price hike?

It has recently become known that Twitch raises prices on its ad-free Turbo plan. A monthly subscription that allows users to pay for the removal of most ads, gain access to additional emoticons, longer VOD storage, and more. New prices are available from May 25th, 2023.

In the United States, the price is rising from $8.99 to $11.99, while pricing details for other countries can be found in a support article on Twitch's web. But the main thing is that a change in price does not entail any modifications to the features offered!

Subscribers were notified about the price adjustments through emails. Current Twitch subscribers will maintain their current rates for an additional three months, after which they will need to actively choose the new pricing.

The price increase has resulted in dissatisfaction among many Twitch subscribers. Social media already contains numerous complaints, and some users outside the US have experienced significant price hikes. Others went even further, threatening to use AdBlock and boycott those changes. Although some individuals have accepted the increased costs and will continue to pay.

Interestingly, at the same time, for certain users, the subscription price of Turbo has even fallen (in some countries like Argentina or Colombia, it`s $4.99). If you reside in such a location, Twitch instructs you to cancel your subscription and then resubscribe to take advantage of the lower price.

Well, I don't know if it would qualify as a coincidence, but the timing of the price hike coincides with Twitch appointing a new CEO, Dan Clancy, and implementing job cuts amid broader layoffs at Amazon. It appears that Twitch perceives an opportunity to generate more revenue by making Turbo more expensive.

While no new features were introduced, Twitch suggests that Turbo will receive improvements in the future, aiming to improve its performance and relevance to Twitch`s community. The platform assumes it can reveal these updates in the upcoming months.

In conclusion

It is not difficult to imagine what such changes may lead to. For example, will be a reduction in exposure and support for smaller streamers, negatively impacting their growth and visibility on Twitch.

It’s no secret that the audience was becoming fatigued with the excessive number of advertisements they encountered. This is why people chose Twitch Turbo. However, the recent increase in its price will cause them to distance themselves from the service.

To retain a strong user community, Twitch needs to strive to find a resolution that will satisfy users' complaints while maintaining an equilibrium between user satisfaction and platform expansion…

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